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a passenger plane from the Netherlands to Spain urgently turned to Portugal for forced landing, the reason is that a male passenger's body odor caused many passengers to vomit dizziness. The passenger was recently exposed as a well-known Russian musician who died of bacterial infection and was also...   More About Article
Publish On:  29/06/2018
Author:  Kirill Z
Category:  Aviation Airplanes

June 7 Kenyan senior officials of Kenya Ministry of Transport, Paul Malinga said on the 7th that the aircraft of the country’s “Fly SAX” airline on the 5th had been confirmed to have crashed, killing all 10 people on board. At present, investigations into the cause of the accident have begun....   More About Article
Publish On:  08/06/2018
Author:  sundeep rao
Category:  Aviation Airplanes