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Bill Gates announced that: donated 4 million US dollars to a genetic technology company for research to kill mosquitoes between each other. These genetically modified mosquitoes will become "mosquito-raps". They carry their own self-destructive genes and kill each other through mating...   More About Article
Publish On:  28/06/2018
Author:  priyank acharya
Category:  Environmental Issues

British Guardian reported on the 6th that Indian Prime Minister Modi vowed to eliminate all disposable plastic in 2022. The country will also launch a campaign for marine litter and promise to make India‚Äôs 100 national monuments cleaner and no junk spots....   More About Article
Publish On:  07/06/2018
Author:  Joyce Albay
Category:  Environmental Issues

invented a technology that can help plants increase nitrogen-fixing capacity. This means that the cleanliness of replacing industrial nitrogen fertilizers with air will be realized. Agriculture is a big step forward....   More About Article
Publish On:  28/05/2018
Author:  Tom Louis
Category:  Environmental Issues