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A foreign woman has been shut off by her father and brother for 20 years because of her boyfriend

(Original title: The woman was imprisoned by her father and brother for 20 years because she had been naked.)

In recent days, an Argentine woman has recovered from her incarceration 20 years later. It is bizarre that the perpetrator was her family and she was kidnapped in bed for a long time in order to punish her for making a boyfriend. 

Marisa Almiron lives in Province of Santa Fe for 20 years

According to a report in the British "Daily Mail" on June 15, Marisa Almiron is 42 years old and lives in the district of Vinado Turto in the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Twenty years ago, she fell in love with a man and was about to get married. Only to be opposed and punished by her family, she would not be allowed to leave her home. Because Marissa repeatedly wanted to break free from her bondage, the father simply imprisoned her in a hut and sent in three meals a day.

Marisa Almiron brother Mario tied sister for 20 years

Eight years later, his father died and his brother Mario took over as a guard. Mario stepped up and tied her sister in bed with an iron chain and detained her for 12 years. After a woman’s neighbor reported an alarm recently, the police dispatched Marysa to be rescued. It was alleged that after the police entered the stifling hut, they discovered that the apparently malnourished victims were naked and tied to their beds. They were surrounded by urinary excretions and could not look directly at them. They immediately opened the chain and sent the "woman prisoner" to the doctor for treatment.

According to her female neighbors, she has heard the sharp help from the victim for several years, but the family remains indifferent. The victim’s six brothers and sisters are very clear about everything that happened, but they tried to cover up the “home ugly”. Marissa’s sisters had warned her neighbors not to behave indiscriminately, and her brothers had prevented the police from escaping the house. "I can hear the tremendous pain she has experienced. I feel like I'm living in hell."

At present, the local judiciary has been involved in the investigation. Mario told the police that he had put his sister in bed because "she had psychological problems." The whole family recognized his practice and the police had not arrested him yet. 

Original title: The woman was imprisoned by her father and brother for 20 years because she had been naked

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