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Uses Of Red Wine For Hair Growth

Red wine is always known as an alcohol. It is good for health when consumed in right proportion. But, nowadays, people are using it for long hair growth and skin beauty.
Red wine is prepared from dark colored grapes. there are different quality of red wines that depends on the type grapes are used to make it. Red wine is good for years as long you didn't open the cork of the bottle. But, once you open the cork, you need to finish it up earlier. It is not advisable to store it longer after that.
In this article, i would like to focus how red wine can be used for hair. Hair is the essential part of our body. It literally enhances beauty looks for men and women. But, due to many reasons, nowadays, hair are getting thinner, white, and losing its quality before age.
people are trying lot of formulas to treat hair growth.
1. Red wine can be used to rinse the hair after washing it. It can be used as conditioner for hair. 
the sun rays are the enemies for hair. every time it's not possible to cover the hair completely. when you are out in the sun. the sun rays destroys the quality of hair making it brittle and, thus breaking the hair easily. Make a henna paste mixing with red wine and then give a final wash with red wine.
3. It helps in keeping the hair young by not turning it to white. Red wine is good in stopping the formation of dead cells and promotes the formation of keratin, the hair protein. You can massage the scalp using red wine for 10-15 minutes.
4. being rich in bioflavonoid, red wine helps in growth of keratin. The additional antioxidants presents in red wine helps for better hair growth.
5. People simply cries out when they are unable to get rid from dandruff. Try it removing this time with using red wine. Massaging the scalp with red wine increases the blood circulation and thus strengthen the blood vessels. There are less chances for dandruff.

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