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Most Common Mistakes Made While Making a Website

Developing a website is not less than an art-form.

Just like a chef blends the ingredients in a unique way to achieve a specific taste, a website developer needs great eye-for-detail while constructing a fruitful website.

If you’re making a website for your business, the stakes are even higher. You’d expect the website to generate conversions and hopefully add to your sales. But that doesn’t happen with a lot of business websites. The reason? They get some basics wrong.

Each website needs a design that intrinsically meets the audience’s expectations and many a time, developers apply the generic design ideas to all their projects alike - a fatal mistake!

So, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that newbies make and you, as a business owner, must know about.

Not Giving Importance to UX

UX stands for User Experience and it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of a custom website development. The goal of refining user experience is to make the website human-friendly.

Good UX is in the little things. An attractive logo, a well-thought color scheme, fast loading speed and so on. All the things that make the website efficient for use can be treated as good UX.

If you’re new to UX design. We recommend heading to Little Big Details, a blog dedicated to all the little things that contribute towards a great UX.

Similarly, pay attention to, which has done some wonders in improving UX design. They add a touch of personalization wherever possible and keep the interface as clean as possible. Even the little things are designed to keep the user informed of what’s happening. Check out the green labels below.

Not Testing it for Multiple Platforms/Browsers

We have arrived in an era where people no longer access websites from their PCs only. In fact, more traffic is generated via mobile devices than PCs as confirmed by Google.

Therefore, not making your website ready for tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices is a big mistake. You need to test it not only for different screen sizes you also need to make sure the browsers are compatible too.

The best websites are capable of adapting to most (if not all) platforms easily. This way you get access to the largest pool of traffic, and you know what happens when that happens.  

Making Navigation Hard

How many clicks does it take for the user to get to “Buy Now”, “Call Us”, or “Request Demo” on your website?

Keeping the number of choices you offer to be viewed on the website, it shouldn’t be hard for the user to find their way to what they want.

This can be done by integrating a simple-to-use header, a sidebar, a breadcrumb trail, a clear sitemap and so on.

Give a proper map to the users on how to go about the website. Try to keep the pages linked to each other. Make it easier to jump from one place to the other without getting lost, which eventually will promote the user to make the cut.  

Forgetting Business-friendly Features

Business websites are a special class of websites that need an extra bit of work done to improve their sellability.

Some important business-friendly features for websites;

  • Clearly mentioned contact information

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Subtle coloring scheme

  • Professionally written text

  • Call-to-action buttons

  • Lightweight theme/design  

As you can see that business websites truly shine when they are clean to look at and convey business information obviously.

If your website doesn’t have these features, you might end up gathering far fewer leads than you expect. You might also end up destroying your brand perception if the website is poorly designed.  

Not Giving Enough Attention to Content   

Check the content on your website thoroughly before publishing it. Let us explain why.

This is an ad from Bic’s that appeared on Facebook in 2015 around the Women’s Day. The ad received a lot of criticism for the phrase, “Act like a lady, think like a man” as it ambiguously represents the sexes in a confused juxtaposition.

Similarly, your website content should be devoid of offensive content or worst of them all - grammatical errors.

So, while browsing your website, this comes up. Your visitors are bound to feel awkward and desolate your website forever. So, never leave any stone unturned when it comes to finalizing the content for your website.

Hire professional website designers to do the job for you and keep the risk of making such mistakes minimum.  


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