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3 Must Have Functionalities in VICIDIal Call Center Solution.

Call centers are a lifeline for many companies and the call center solution is the leading force to keep the call center solution on the top position. There are many good call center solutions in the world which are used by different call centers in the world. One of the most popular call center solutions is VICIDial. The major reason of popularity of VICIDial is that it is an open source call center software. It is available for free with a lifetime free license and this fact has made it one of the leading call center solutions. It has all required features and stability to run a startup call center or BPO. However, we can’t ignore a fact that VICIDial doesn’t have some really important feature a call center solution must have. However, one can add these missing features by getting the VICIDial customization service from an expert. The VICIDial customization service provider will develop a module and integrate the same within it. In fact, there are many expert VoIP companies, which have ready to use module which can be added within a day in your VICIDial to get the required functionality.

There are many missing features in the VICIDial which it should have, but I will share the top 3 features which it must have:

Sticky Agent

This is one of the call routing rules which almost all best call center solutions offer. However, it is not there in the VICIDial: Call center software. This feature routes a call of a caller to the same agent with whom the caller had talked last time. This is indeed a great feature if you are a customer care of support center and your one of the KPIs is to increase the customer satisfaction ratio. With VICIDial customization you can add this feature to increase customer satisfaction and decrease call wrap up time.

Custom Call Recording

For many call centers, the call recording is necessary to keep logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. VICIDial doesn’t support this feature and the VICIDial customization helps you get it. There are ready to use module which provides features like,

·        Recording all inbound calls

·        Recording all outbound calls

·        Search a call recording with different search criteria

·        Play call recording within VICIDial platform

·        Download call recording

·        And more

Graphical Reports

The VICIDial provides call detail reports. However, those are in traditional format which doesn’t provide an insightful quick view. On the other hand, the graphical reports give a clear picture of ongoing activities. The call centers can create graphical reports for different criteria and these reports can be used by the management or shared with the customers / investors to provide a more engaging view of the campaigns. The graphical reports help in taking quick decisions by looking at the whole picture. This module can also be added in the VICIDial with VICIDial customization.

There are many other advanced modules available in the market which can help a call center to increase the productivity and ROI.

Author writes on call center solutions such as, VICIDial customization, call center tips, tricks and best practices to increase the ROI of call centers.

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