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How Technology Made Call Center Solutions Available for SMBs?

Now with the advancement in technology has made it possible even for small businesses to choose one of the best call center solutions  for their business and use it on their premises. Wondering how? Read on to know more.

There are some companies such as, Elisiontec, which has made this possible for small businesses. With technological inventions as such smart VoIP companies have developed the best call center solution which is available at affordable rates. In fact, the countries like India and the Philippines, which have many small sized call centers are migrating to the third part call center solution from the VICIDial system. The simple reason of this switch is because the call center software that is developed by the Elision using the best side of the VoIP technology is provisioned with all required features. Thus, it can be used to run all different types of campaigns.

This call center solution also has developed in a way that it offers additional advanced features as paid add-ons. This way the small businesses can get the basic call center solution that fits with their need without investing huge for the advanced features which they might need it. This way the small businesses can start with the budget call center solution. Moreover, as and when the business and the requirement grow, they can buy the module(s) they need the most. It means the businesses don’t need to pay for the modules which they may never use, unlike other call center solutions in which the companies need to pay for the complete system.

The call center solution is also scalable so it can be customized to meet the specific need of the business that is going to use it. It means the call center solution Philippines can have different customized features to meet the need of the company in the Philippines and the call center solution India can have different features to meet the Indian market needs and regulations. For an example, the call center solution Philippines will work on SIP lines. On the other hand, the call center solution India will work on PRI lines. The single system offers both of these types of features and easy customization by the company.

Also, this stated call center solution is very flexible with the third party systems. You can integrate any third party API to use that system as an integral part of the call center software. For example, the call center CRM integration will let you use both of these systems within a single interface. In fact, you can add many of the APIs from a GUI based module without any need or involvement of the developer.

There are many reasons that make this call center solution, which is developed by usage of the best side of the technology, perfect for small business. To know more about it and it to book a free demo

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