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Russian multi plane fighters fly high profile US backyard tracked by Norwegian fighters.

Russian multi-plane fighters fly high-profile US "backyard" tracked by Norwegian fighters

(Original title: Russian multi-plane fighters fly high-flying US "backyard" Norwegian fighter track)

Russian Tu-160 strategic bomber

Overseas network December 11th local time Monday (10th), two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers and an IL-62 military aircraft flew from Russia to Venezuela. During the flight, the Russian warplanes were once tracked by the Norwegian Air Force fighters.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the Russian Defense Ministry said on the 10th that two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers and one IL-62 military aircraft flew from Russia to Venezuela on the same day and at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. landing. On the way to the Russian plane flying to Venezuela, it was once tracked by the Norwegian Air Force F-16. The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that the Russian fighter jets were carried out in strict accordance with the international rules on the use of airspace and did not violate the borders of other countries.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also announced earlier that two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers flew more than 10,000 kilometers on the 10th, flying over the Atlantic Ocean, the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Caribbean Sea, and finally in Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. The international airport landed and the flight was carried out in strict accordance with international regulations on the use of airspace.

Russia and Venezuela have recently intensified their cooperation in the military, economy and education fields. Not long ago, the Russian News Agency reported on the 6th that Russia will continue to develop military cooperation with Venezuela. The cooperation involves Russian warplanes and warships will be stationed at the Venezuelan airport, and the Russian "Glonass" satellite navigation system will enter Venezuela. Russian Defense Minister Shaygu said that he hopes that the Russian aircraft will land at Venezuela, and that the naval vessels will be able to enter the country's ports.

In addition, Russia and Venezuela signed an investment guarantee agreement a few days ago. Russia will invest 5 billion U.S. dollars in the Venezuelan oil sector and 600,000 tons of grain in Venezuela. Maduro then issued a message on Twitter, saying "Thank you for Putin and thank the Russian people."

When meeting with Venezuela’s Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Shaygu said: "Our cooperation has been carried out quite well, experts and delegations have exchanged visits on a regular basis; in the field of education and in the military and fleet of our country. The provision of permits for the docking and maintenance of airports and ports in Venezuela has also progressed well. I believe that we will continue this practice. Moreover, it is beneficial to both sides.

Russian multi plane fighters fly high flying US backyard Norwegian fighter track.

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