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A US missile destroyer sailed near the Russian Navy station.

 A US missile destroyer sailed near the Russian Navy station

(Original title: Re-provocation? A US missile destroyer sails to the vicinity of the Russian Navy station)

US missile destroyer

Overseas Network December 6th Recently, due to differences in the "Guidelines on the Treaty" and the Ukrainian issue, the relationship between the United States and Russia has become tense. At this time, the US Navy guided a guided missile destroyer to the vicinity of Peter the Great Bay in Russia, claiming to maintain the "freedom of navigation" of the United States and other countries.

According to CNN, on December 5, local time, a US US Navy missile destroyer sailed to the vicinity of Peter the Great Bay in Russia. A spokesperson for the US Pacific Fleet claimed that the US military’s move was aimed at challenging Russia’s excessive maritime claims while maintaining the rights and freedoms of the United States and other countries to legally use the oceans.

A US naval official told reporters that the United States does not recognize Russia’s claims about the ocean. He said that the Russian side has far more jurisdiction over the ocean than the "12 miles from the coastline" under international law. Officials also said that this is the first time since 1987 that the United States has practiced "freedom of navigation" in the region. Peter the Great Bay is the largest bay in the Sea of ??Japan, deep into the Russian city Vladivostok and the Russian Navy Pacific Fleet. The report believes that the US Navy’s move has increased tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Recently, the relationship between the United States and Russia on the "Guide to the Treaty" has become tense. According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, on the 4th local time, US Secretary of State Pompeo said at the NATO Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Brussels that the US will give Russia 60 days to re-comply with the "Guidelines on the Treaty", otherwise the US will suspend its treaty obligations. NATO subsequently issued a statement saying that it is now Russia's turn to maintain the "Guide to the Central Treaty." Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov earlier responded that Moscow hopes that the United States will give a more detailed explanation on this, and pointed out that the breakdown of the "Guideline Treaty" will force Russia to take measures to protect its own security. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stressed that there is a reaction on the issue.

In addition, the two countries are still deadlocked on the Ukrainian issue. On November 25th, three Ukrainian warships crossed the Russian border and sailed to the Kerch Strait. During the confrontation, Russian ships opened fire on Ukrainian warships and seized three Ukrainian warships that hardened the sea. A senior US State Department official shouted to Russia. If the Ukrainian crew members were not released, waiting for Russia would be "pain and consequence." NATO also said that it is necessary to fully support Ukraine.

Re-provocation A US missile destroyer sails to the vicinity of the Russian Navy station.

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