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Russia and Ukraine have released the big killer of the Russian army on the issue of arresting ships.

Russia and Ukraine have released the "big killer" of the Russian army on the issue of arresting ships.

Original title: Military Intelligence Review | Russia and Ukraine on the arrest of the ship, the Russian army upgraded this "big killer"

Recently, the “cutch arrest incident” triggered by Russia and Ukraine around the Kerch Strait has become a hot topic in the media around the world. The leaders of the two countries have released rumors from time to time. For example, on December 3, after the end of the G20 summit, Ukrainian President Poroshenko went to the Chernišev region in the Ukrainian border to supervise military exercises. In an interview, he said directly: "The guns are hung on the wall, and sooner or later they are going to shoot." There is a tendency to be arrogant, and Western media speculation about whether or not there will be a war.

Russian border soldiers

Coincidentally, the "Russia Today" TV station website chose to release the news that the Russian military will fully upgrade the long-range rocket launcher on December 1, perhaps to form a deterrent against Ukraine and NATO from the perspective of armaments. This article will give you a brief analysis.

Uzbekistan calls on NATO to send NATO: Uzbekistan is not a formal member

According to Agence France-Presse reported on December 3, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg asked Russia to end its maritime confrontation with Ukraine, calling on Russia to release the detained Ukrainian crew and ships and allow unimpeded vessels. Entered the Ukrainian port of the Azov Sea, but refused to promise new support to Kiev.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Poroshenko had called on NATO to deploy naval vessels to the Azov Sea. The statement of the NATO Secretary General undoubtedly gave Ukraine the eager demand for seeking "allergies" to "be a leader." A European diplomat made a more direct statement. He said: "NATO will not send ships at the request of Ukraine. Ukraine is a 'partner of NATO' but not a formal member." The subtext of this sentence is: If there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, even if the Russian army invades Ukraine, NATO will not fulfill Article 5 of the NATO Charter. (If a NATO member state is attacked, it is equivalent to attacking all member states. NATO needs all troops. The obligation to protect the former). NATO’s continuous “shabu-shabu” statement is obviously to let Uzbek President Poroshenko’s swearing on the 3rd of December “guns hanging on the wall, sooner or later, to shoot” suddenly lost their breath.

Vladimir Putin G20 summit

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement at the just-concluded G20 summit on the issue of the US film "The Fall of the Ice" is a unique way to show Russia’s "coke problem" in the Kerch Strait. Confidence is in stark contrast to the effects of Poroshenko’s “distraction”.

The reporter asked at the summit: "Is the scene of the US military nuclear submarine calling at the Russian Arctic base in the movie, will it happen in reality?" Putin responded with a guest commentator's way of saying: "This scenario is absolutely impossible, too Surreal, the two small tugs that the United States even sent to Ukraine could not pass the blockade of the Russian strait. The film was a bad film. "It is different from the "empty" of the Russian President Poroshenko. Putin’s "soft and hard" answer is behind the actual actions of the Russian army. 

Shortly after the "clutching incident" on November 25, the Russian army dispatched two Su-25 attack aircraft and several Ka-52 attack helicopters flying over the Kerch Strait Bridge and began patrolling the Kerch Strait. The Russian military did not respond directly to this strong reaction to the Russian military. Later, it only conducted a "symbolic response" through military exercises in other directions on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Hard action does not stop there. In the future, Russia and Ukraine will continue to develop their disputes on the Chihwa Strait issue, and we will continue to pay attention.

The Russian military will upgrade the long-range rockets within 30 seconds to annihilate 200 kilometers of enemy troops.

According to the "Russia Today" TV station website reported on December 1, Alexander Smirnov, executive manager of Russia's "Splaf" Scientific Production Joint Company, said that Russian military experts are conducting remote operations in accordance with technical tasks issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Upgrade and improvement of multi-barrel rocket launchers (hereinafter referred to as "extreme fire"). First, engineers have studied how to improve the range and accuracy of rocket launchers, and are also preparing to apply automatic control systems as well as new reconnaissance, robotics and driverless systems. 

Russian military fire launches

Military Intelligence Review Russia and Ukraine on the arrest of the ship the Russian army upgraded this big killer.

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