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How to Prepare for Your Initial Personal Injury Consultation

When you or your loved one has suffered an injury in an accident due to a negligent party, you must move quickly to schedule a case evaluation for your personal injury lawsuit. Most of the personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. So, avail these consultations without much delay!

Remember that your initial meeting with an attorney is your opportunity to find out more about your available legal options. Thus, you can get a good feel for whether you and your lawyer would work well together. Try to make sure that you have everything he or she needs to evaluate your case. In order to do so, you must do some preparation for your consultation beforehand.

Here is an injury checklist of the significant information to know at the time of consulting your case with your attorney:

Names and contact information of all the people who were remotely involved in the accident
Names and addresses of witnesses to the accident
Name and address of ambulance service
Name and address of the emergency room
Dates you were admitted to the emergency room and hospital
Names and business addresses of all the doctors who have treated and examined you
Names and addresses of chiropractors and physical therapists you have consulted
Dates you missed work as a result of your injury
Name and phone number of each insurance provider you spoke with
The important documents that you should bring on your first consultation include accident report from law enforcement; copies of any written statements; your car insurance policy; medical bills; all correspondence you have received from an insurance adjuster about the accident or your injury; receipts for all things you have had to purchase due to your injury; receipts for all things you have had to fix due to the accident; medical or disability insurance policy; your homeowner’s or renter’ policy and other policies, such as medical or veterans insurance.

It is required for you to obtain the legal services of an attorney who is right for you and has successfully handled cases similar to yours. Also, in order to have the proper documents to show, you need to prepare a list of questions to ask your lawyer on your first meeting.

Here are some of the most common questions you can ask an accident attorney:

•    What is the longevity of his or her practice as of yet?
•    How many personal injury trials has he or she successfully handled?
•    How would the attorney go about handling your case?
•    How long is the case expected to take?
•    What types of experts would the lawyer use to prove your case?
•    If applicable, is there any time limit by which you need to file a lawsuit or settle the case?

You must not risk pursuing the compensation and justice you deserve without a good legal counsel. At the time of filing a personal injury lawsuit, you must have in mind that time is an important factor in civil lawsuits. So, you must arrange for a consultation with a personal injury attorney, right after the accident. Do not guess for yourself whether your case has merit or not. Only an attorney is the right person who can help you make that decision. But, you must remember that in order to enable your lawyer to help you, you need to prepare the essential documents and come prepared with the information the lawyer will need.

Steps to take before your consultation:

Collect relevant evidence
Right after an accident, it is hard to think objectively and logically. Most of the times you are overpowered by your mixed bag of emotions. However, try to stay calm and collect all the possible evidence you can at the moment. Keep in mind that witness testimony is important. Also, focus on the evidence that’s meant to support the testimony. Relevant evidence may include photographs taken at the scene of the accident; medical records and bills created as a result of the incident; emails between you and the insurance company and the names of witnesses. When you’re not sure if something might prove valuable for the lawsuit, try not to second-guess yourself. You must ask your personal injury attorney before throwing anything away.

Ensure to keep all records
Try to gather all the documents that you receive as a result of the accident.  You must keep all paperwork related to medical bills, anything that you get from an insurance company or mechanic etc. 

Make sure to save and print out emails as well. Keep in mind that not all essential communications today occur through the regular mail. Print out emails in full format. This way you are likely to have as much information as possible.

Try to photograph the Incident and Injuries
Keep in mind that one of the most helpful activities you can do for your car accident lawyer is to take pictures. Use your phone camera. In case you’re able to take your own pictures at the scene of an accident, take as many as possible. Try not to forget to include the following if they are applicable to your circumstances:

1. Every angle of the car
2. The interior of the car. Give more stress on the side of the damage.
3. Pictures in every direction surrounding the vehicle.
4. Photographs as possible of the other driver’s car.
5. Signs, stoplights, and prominent features of the scene.
6. Pictures of your body in case you’re injured.

Never just take pictures at the scene of the accident. In case you were injured, make sure you take pictures regularly before, during, and after any treatments. You can even go ahead and ask a friend or family member to take pictures of you and your injuries. Keep in mind that photographs can become a helpful part of your recovery and a valuable piece of evidence for your lawsuit.

Make a note of your experience
Remember that a written note or diary is an essential part of being prepared for your legal consultation.

Mark Schiffrin as a personal injury attorney has experience representing individuals and families who have been involved in serious personal injury and wrongful death cases

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