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The US will report that the US military has basically forgotten how to fight against Chinese warships.

The US will report that the US military has basically forgotten how to fight against Chinese warships.

Original title: The new report of the United States will advocate the expansion of armaments to deal with China and Russia

Reference News Network reported on November 26 that the US "National Interests" bimonthly website published Michael Peck's article on November 23, "The United States needs to strengthen its armaments on a large scale to ensure victory in the war against Russia or China." If there is any key word in a new report on US defense, it is "more." The United States needs more tanks, more submarines, and more stealth fighters.

The article said that the United States needs to be prepared to fight against Russia, as well as China, while maintaining its investment in the Middle East. Some would say that such measures should have been implemented since the previous cut in the defense budget led to the Pentagon losing the necessary tools. Some people think that this is a paranoia that exaggerates the importance of national security.

The article believes that, in any case, the report compiled by the US Defense Strategy Committee (the cross-party committee appointed by the US Congress to evaluate the Trump Administration's 2018 Defense Strategy Report) does confirm that many people have believed The view: Russia and China pose the greatest threat to US security.

However, the National Defense Strategy Committee questioned whether the United States has the ability to defeat Russia or China. The report warned: "Because we have recently focused on counter-terrorism and rebel operations, because our enemies have studied new ways to defeat the US military, the United States is losing its power, air defense and anti-missile, cyber warfare and space warfare, and vice The advantages of warfare and anti-submarine warfare, ground-based long-range firepower, electronic warfare and other important operational areas. The necessary skills for planning and implementing military operations against powerful opponents (especially China and Russia) have shrunk."

In the opinion of the National Defense Strategy Committee, the chief culprit of the problem is the Congressional Budget Control Act. The bill limits the upper limit of discretionary spending, including the defense budget (which can also be bypassed by mechanisms such as special allocations for military operations abroad).

The report believes that after nearly 20 years of focusing on the pursuit of insurgents in the desert areas of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, the US military has basically forgotten how to fight Russian tanks and Chinese warships. However, the wide range of recommendations made by the US Defense Strategy Committee is still surprising. Of course, if you put it in the peak of the Cold War, especially in those years when Reagan has increased its defense spending on a large scale, such a proposal would not seem out of place. 

The new report of the United States will advocate the expansion of armaments to deal with China and Russia.

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