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Trump condolences to the army to emphasize border security authorization to use deadly weapons.

Trump condolences to the army to emphasize border security authorization to use deadly weapons

Original title: Trump condolences the army to emphasize border security authorization to use deadly weapons

California border patrols

On the 22nd, California border patrols and other law enforcement officials held drills near local ports of entry to prevent Central American immigrants.

 22nd is the traditional American holiday - Thanksgiving Day, US President Trump is on the border security issue when he exchanges greetings with military officials. Under the swear words, and once again become the focus of attention. On the day of Thanksgiving, the US garrison enjoyed a rich "labor banquet" on the side of the US-Mexico border line, while the "caravan refugees" were on the other side of the overcrowding, and they were desperate, and public opinion could not help but sigh. In 2018 For the refugees, "there is nothing to be grateful for."

According to an Associated Press report on the 23rd, Trump personally called the US military to give a holiday greeting at the Haihu Manor in Florida on the 22nd. In the 30-minute telephone conversation, his condolences covered the five arms of the US military, and the topic was repeatedly directed to the US border security issue. Trump said: "This is the first time that our country is stationed at the border... Now our borderline is exceptionally strong and no one can live." After the call, he also said in an interview that the border garrison has been approved. Always use "fatal weapons" for the perpetrators. Trump believes that this is actually a "helpless move" because the garrison is faced with "at least 500 unscrupulous criminals." As the commander of the three armed forces, he will never let his soldiers be passive. Reuters said that Trump said this: at least two government officials have confirmed to the media that White House Chief of Staff Kelly signed a government memorandum this week, demanding that the Ministry of Defense provide protection to the border law enforcement agencies, authorizing the military to take the necessary time. Search, riot control, temporary seizure or even killing measures may be taken.

Trump condolences the army to emphasize border security authorization to use deadly weapons.

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