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US News anchor ridiculed Mark Long European Army, You cant do without the US Army.

US News anchor ridiculed Mark Long "European Army": You can't do without the US Army

(Original title: US News anchor ridiculed Mark Long "European Army": You can't do without the US Army)

US News anchor Stewart Vanni

Overseas Network November 21st, US Fox News anchors Steve Hilton and Stuart Varney ridiculed the French President Mark Long's desire to establish the "European Army" on television. Vanni quoted Mark Long as saying, "We need a European army to protect us from the harm of the United States," and said that this is the most insulting thing he has ever heard.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Hilton and Vanni said in the program that although other European politicians are not satisfied with Trump's "US priority policy," they believe that this policy that only takes into account the interests of their own people is absolutely reasonable.

The two American anchors will also "proclaim" Europe as a "pacifist", saying that without the help of the United States, the EU countries will not be able to guarantee their own security. Vani questioned, "Which peace-loving continent you have seen can unite and form a militant army that can protect itself? Nonsense. Without the American army, they can't work."

Vanni ridiculed, "Marcon is completely wrong. The idea of ??establishing a European army is almost a joke, isn't it? What is this person thinking?"

Steve Hilton and Stewart Vani

Another anchor, Hilton, believes that because Mark Long "has experienced a very difficult period in politics," his poll in France has dropped to 26%, so he wants to "transfer the topic" by attacking Trump. It is the reason he slammed Trump.

On the 6th of this month, Mark Long called for the establishment of the "European Army" when he participated in the centennial commemoration of the end of the First World War in Verdun, France. In an interview with France's first European radio station on the same day, he said that Europe needs to establish a "real own army" to resist the influence from countries such as the United States and Russia. 

According to Xinhua News Agency, the reason why Mark Long wants to build a "European Army" is inseparable from the security predicament currently facing France and the EU. First of all, the United States pursues the "US priority" policy and puts the interests of the United States first. From the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear agreement to the threat of withdrawing from the "Guidelines on the Guide", "the United States is no longer reliable" has become a common feeling in many European countries.

According to overseas reports, Federal Defense and Foreign Policy Senior Representative Federica Mogherini said at the press conference on the 20th that the EU will never become a military alliance and has never intended to establish European Army."

US News anchor ridiculed Mark Long European Army, You cant do without the US Army.

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