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Tesla accident results: The steering wheel did not detect the victims in the last 6 seconds

Original title: The United States NTSB released preliminary findings of California Tesla Model X deadly car accident

Tesla accident results

[TechWeb Report] June 8 news, according to foreign media reports, after more than two months of investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board (National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB) announced on Thursday local time Tesla Model X The preliminary findings of a fatal car accident.

The fatal car crash of Tesla Model X in California took place on March 23 this year, when 38-year-old Apple engineer Walter Huang drove Model X on Highway 101 near Mountain View, California, but the vehicle suddenly crashed into the highway. The guardrail broke into flames and the owner of the vehicle, Walter Huang, died shortly afterwards.

Shortly after the crash, the US National Transportation Safety Committee announced its investigation of this fatal accident. On March 27, it announced that there will be two officials who will conduct an on-site investigation of the accident and after more than two months of investigations. The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States released preliminary investigation results on Thursday.

A preliminary investigation report from the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that the model X of Walter Huang who was killed during the incident was in Autopilot's automatic assistance driving mode and also announced details of car accidents that had not previously been disclosed.

The preliminary findings showed that before the accident, the Model X in Autopilot's automatic assisted driving mode set a speed of 75 miles per hour (about 120.7 kilometers). At 8 seconds before the accident, it traveled at a speed of 65 miles per hour. About 104.6 km) behind the car, this may cause Autopilot to lower the speed of the car.

Four seconds before the car accident, Model X was no longer behind the previous car. When it hit the barrier of the highway, Model X had already begun to accelerate.

The preliminary investigation report also mentioned that in the minute before the accident occurred, the victim’s hands were on the steering wheel for 34 seconds, but they were not detected in the last 6 seconds.

The US National Transportation Safety Commission released a preliminary investigation report that supported most of Tesla’s previously announced details of the accident. Tesla announced details of the crash on March 30th.

The details previously announced by Tesla also confirmed that the Autopilot system of Model X driven by Walter Huang was turned on at the time of the incident, but Walter Huang did not follow the steps of the Autopilot Assist System, 6 seconds before the car accident. The system did not detect that his hands were on the steering wheel, and the system also issued video reminders and sound reminders several times.

Original title: The United States NTSB released preliminary findings of California Tesla Model X deadly car accident

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