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SCO will become a new model of international cooperation - visit to Pakistan President Hussein

In an interview with Chinese media in Islamabad before attending the meeting of heads of state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, Pakistani President Mamanoue Hussein stated that he is seeking mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations, and seeking common Under the guidance of the “Shanghai Spirit” developed as a content, the SCO will become a new model of international cooperation.

Hussein said that in today's world, some major domestic dominance and isolation have become more apparent, while the SCO has provided member countries with multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary cooperation opportunities. The SCO can help new member states Pakistan share its development philosophy with other member countries, coordinate its positions, and develop pragmatic cooperation. This is a unique attraction of the SCO under the guidance of the "Shanghai Spirit."

At the 2017 Astana Summit, Pakistan officially became a member of the SCO. Hussein expressed thanks to the SCO member states for accepting Pakistan as a full member of the organization. He said: "Pakistan has always regarded the SCO as an important regional cooperation framework. We believe that the SCO plays a crucial role in ensuring and promoting regional peace, security and social and economic development."

Hussein stressed that Pakistan attaches great importance to the role of anti-terrorism agencies in the SCO region and believes that this is an important and effective mechanism to combat terrorism in the region’s common enemy. "Pakistan has successfully cracked down on domestic terrorism in the past. We are now ready to share our experience in combating terrorism with other member states in the SCO regional counter-terrorism agency."

Hussein is looking forward to the SCO’s plan for the promotion of cooperation in investment, trade, tariffs, e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, railway and highway interlinking, and tourism as soon as possible, and to realize the SCO Development Bank and the SCO Development Fund as soon as possible. Such initiatives as the strengthening of the functions of the SCO’s Council of Entrepreneurs’ Council and the close exchanges between enterprises have helped member states including Pakistan and countries in the region to improve the people’s living standards and promote peace and stability.

Speaking of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, Hussein said that this initiative has far-reaching impact and has helped economic growth in Eurasia, the Middle East, and Africa. Pakistan firmly believes and ardently supports this initiative.

Hussein said that as a major pilot project of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has made great achievements and Pakistan has begun to harvest results. “In Pakistan, where employment has increased, energy supply and road infrastructure have improved, Gwadar has restored its operational capabilities, many social welfare projects have also landed, and many other projects are about to be completed. 'Corridors' through roads, fiber optics, transmission line networks , Link Pakistan and China with closer interconnection and trade." 

SCO will become a new model of international cooperation - visit to Pakistan President Hussein

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