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400 year old history church in Italy has survived unexpected landslides

[Global World Report] According to a report by the British "Daily Mail" on June 5th, a mountain landslide occurred on the May 29th in the valley area of Spuruga, Italy . The next church with more than 420 years of history is the first place in the mountain. However, the sand and rubble miraculously stopped not far from the church.

400-year-old history church in Italy

A video recorded the entire process of the incident. In the picture, the boulder is wrapped in sand and washed down from the top of the mountain. The bell tower of the church soon disappears into the smoke caused by the landslide, and the whole church is quickly covered in dust. But when the smoke dispersed, people were surprised to find that the church was miraculously unscathed. From the aerial video, it can be clearly seen that the gravel was blocked by the trees in a position quite close to the church. There were no casualties in the town. The local priest sent a sentiment: "The hands of God are involved."

This church was built in 1492. There were two girls who claimed that they had seen the Virgin Mary here. According to local news reports, the cause of the landslide is a long period of heavy rainfall. Prior to the incident, the town’s roads had been closed for one month due to landslide warning and have now been reopened.

400 year old history church in Italy has survived unexpected landslides

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