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How To Use PinBoards To Attract More Sellers And The Right Buyers

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for realtors and with a large variety of Boards, you can get both buyers and sellers to not only follow you but to also become your clients. You are not limited to just posting Boards and Pins about the homes you have for sale, but you can create Boards about a large variety of subjects.

Just to get the ideas flowing, here are some suggestions to use for your Pinterest Boards. These should create followers and traffic that goes directly to your website where you can get into further detail on each subject.


Decorating Ideas- Boards featuring room arrangements, wall paper use ideas, furniture, accessories, wall colors and art are all the basics. Add Boards with rooms done by famous designers and artists.

The Perfect House- New Buyers have a long list of what they are looking for in the home of their dreams. Create Boards that feature things that they might look for such as, swimming pools, chef’s kitchens, art studios and wonder yards.

Children’s Rooms- Kid’s rooms can pose problems in that they need to accommodate the child through many different growing stages. Parents are concerned about this and are always looking for ideas that will take the child from toddler to teen. Create Boards that have to do with cool ideas for all age groups.

Patios Porches and the Outdoors- These spaces have become an extension of the interior of the home and are very important to homeowners. Develop Boards about decks, old fashion porches with swings and yards with Koi pools and flower gardens.

Home Styles- Show Boards with style themes such as Country, Urban, Mid Century, Minimal. People enjoy a home with an overall feel.


Staging Tips- Make Boards whose subject is how to stage the home for sale. How to put things away and what to keep out on display. How to make small spaces appear larger and how to arrange the odd room into a multipurpose room can be essentials for the home seller.

Do it yourself projects- These are great Board ideas that can help with home repair, adding built-ins such as shelves and the easiest way to paint a room to make it fresher and brighter.

Organizational tips- Organizing is a major job and a much needed one when someone is moving to a new home. Creating Boards that help with this task can be repinned for a variety of organizing reasons.

Recycle, reuse, repurpose- People look for ideas that will help make old things into new things for their new homes.


Boards about the area- Feature Boards about the area you represent featuring its best pictures. These will entice people to take a look. Pin the pictures with links to the fair, the concerts or the parks in the area.

Places to Eat- Boards about the restaurants, coffee shops and breakfast cafes play a prominent role in someone’s choice in living. Post images of dinner plates from around the town.

Neighborhoods- Most towns are broken up into distinct neighborhoods. Create a Board showcasing each with photos and then pins of the types of homes, parks and shopping in each.

Weddings, Reunions and Parties- Boards concerning weddings are a mainstay of Pinterest and one should be dedicated to the wedding choices in the area you represent. Reunions, parties and special events also should have their own Boards where hotels, catering and locations can be linked.


Homes for Sale- There should be Boards dedicated to each of the homes you have for sale. Then you can add a Board that is about homes in a certain price range and another that is for investment housing and yet another that is divided into each neighborhood.

Homes Sold- Show off your track record with Boards featuring the homes that you have already sold. These Boards are your resume.

Real Estate Articles- One Board should be dedicated to just your blog with pins of each separate article you wrote. Also create Boards about various subjects involved in the real estate process. They should have a link back to that article. These Boards can essentially be an online class of information.


@When you have a Board posted, share it on all of your other social media accounts. This will spread your words and images even further. Remember, that all of your Boards should lead a viewer back to your website for further information.

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Pinterest is a great marketing tool for realtors and with a large variety of Boards, you can get both buyers and sellers to not only follow you but to also become your clients. You are not limited to just posting Boards and Pins about the homes you have for sale, but you can create Boards about a l...   More About Article
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