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The biggest exercise in the US and Japan dispatched 16 ships and spearheaded China.

The biggest exercise in the US and Japan dispatched 16 ships and spearheaded China

Original title: US media: The biggest exercise in the US and Japan dispatched 16 ships to spearhead China

US and Japan exercise scene

the largest exercise in the history of the United States and Japan! The US "Business Insider", "Stars and Stripes" and other media said on the 10th that under the circumstance of the growing tension between the United States and Japan, the US-Japan's largest military exercise "Ruijian-2019" has just come to China. .

Commercial Insider" website said that the US-Japan "Essence" series of military exercises began in 1986 and was held every two years, mainly to defend the Japanese archipelago for the purpose of the exercise. This year's "Essence-2019" is not only the largest joint military exercise of the United States and Japan, but also the largest in the history of the series. Japan has dispatched 47,000 members of the Self-Defense Forces, accounting for about one-fifth of the total number of self-defense forces. The US military has also participated in more than 10,000 people. The number of US and Japanese participants has increased by about 11,000. In addition, there are dozens of US and Japanese ships and hundreds of aircraft participating, including the "Reagan" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the "Los Angeles"-class nuclear submarine and other major ships, including the US fleet, the Seventh Fleet almost went out, and Japan The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine and two Canadian warships participated.

According to the "Stars and Stripes" website, "Alice - 2019" is a joint field training exercise between the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Force. The purpose is to strengthen the readiness and interoperability of the US-Japan alliance. Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" disclosed that the exercise was supposed to have suffered a large-scale military attack in Japan, mainly training the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to repel the enemy with the US military aircraft carrier, and to use the US military aircraft to transport Japanese air defense missile units.

In this exercise this year, the United States and Japan launched joint military exercises on the air, sea, and amphibious platforms. On the 4th, the 120 paratroopers of the First Airborne Brigade of the Japanese Self-Defense Force boarded the C-130 transport aircraft stationed in Japan and the United States for the first time near Tokyo, and conducted airborne training at the Shigu Daishen exercise in Datian County, 810 km away from Yokota Air Force Base. The US Air Force at the Okinawa Air Force Base is responsible for command and control, aerial refueling, air defense, and escort operations. Lieutenant Colonel Nicole Summers, the US military KC-135 flight instructor, believes that the US-Japan joint airborne training is conducive to improving the ability of the United States and Japan to respond quickly to "the war is starting tonight." Captain Jeffrey Lakin of the 36th Airlift Squadron Air Transport Mission revealed that the US military conducted air transportation drills from Okinawa to Sancha Base and conducted a large number of container airborne drills in the Shigu Daishen practice.

The biggest exercise in the US and Japan dispatched 16 ships to spearhead China

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