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What Are 5 Popular Tools Used For Android Game Development

The increased use of smartphones have made mobile games hugely popular all over the world. Android devices lead the market of smartphones because of its acceptance among the worldwide users. Smartphones now a days have become an important instrument of communication and entertainment. The aspect of entertainment focuses upon playing games on your Android devices. 

With billions of Android phones sold every year, Android game developement has seen an exponential growth. With more and more users the demand of Android games has also increased manifolds. To meet the demands of the global users, technological development plays a pivotal part. With innovative technologies which include AR & VR, the industry of Android mobile game development is expected to experience significant share of the overall market. 

The valuation of the global gaming industry is expected to reach at 128.5 billion USD by 2020. The mobile game development acquires more than 50 percent of the market share in this regard. 

An Android game developer uses the latest technologies for creating immersive and exclusive games that offer uninterrupted gameplay. Android game companies in USA, hire skilled developers for creating unique and engaging games.

You can now start developing Android games using the following tools suitable for your projects:

Unreal Engine: UE4 or the Unreal Engine 4 is the immediate successor of UDK or Unreal Development Kit. Although Unreal engine has been a late entrant in the mobile gaming space, Unreal Engine 4 offers ample options for Android game development. For example, it is capable of making stunning graphics such as new particle system and dynamic lighting that can manage million particles simultaneously in a scene. This is indeed a definite advantage for any 3D game developer. 

The new version of Unreal Engine 4 uses C++ as the scripting language which has replaced the unreal script of UDK. Also UE4 uses Blueprint system instead of Kismet used in UDK. Both Kismet and Blueprint system have similar functions, but the latter is much more advanced in creating interactive and highend gaming objects and functions. 

The VR and AR technologies can also be used in Android game development easily by the help of UE4. The versatile nature of UE4 enables Android game developers to create amazing games of different genres.

Unity: It is an engine for intuitive game development. With Unity, Android game developers can create games for both 2D and 3D environment with wide array of features. For developing cross-platform mobile games, Unity is regarded as one of the best engines. Assets from major 3D applications such as softimage, 3ds max, Maya, blender, cinema 4D are supported by Unity. Also with Unity 4.3, which has been recently released 2D physics, supporting sprites and native 2D capabilities are included in the design components. 

Unity 5 with 64-bit support and WebGL is presumably a strong contender among the available android game development engines. 

Corona SDK: Using Corona SDK cross-platform 2D games are developed for different mobile platforms including Android. The scripting language used here is Lua. It is very popular among the developers due to its short learning curve. It comes with more than 500 APIs which can be used for multiple functions ranging from animations to networking. You can easily code, ideate and validate in one go with real time testing in Corona. 

Pricing is a major advantage of using Corona for mobile game development. The free plan option available in Cornoa has attracted many developers. This kit is an absolute delight for creating 2D games only. 

Lumberyard: Amazon’s Lumberyard is based on CryEngine and is a free AAA game engine which can be suitably used for Android game development. The game development kit of CryEngine has been developed by Crytek. Lumberyard offers different tools for creating AAA quality games with cross platform functionalities. Some of the worthy features of Lumberyard include Twitch API, C++ source code, Audiokinetic’s feature rich sound engine, seamless integration with AWS Cloud, netwroking. The graphical capabilities of Lumberyard also deserve mention because of the character, terrain and rendering and authoring tools for creating photo-quality 3D ambiance. 

Pricing is a major advantage here. There are no licensing fees or royalties associated with the game usages. The only cost involved here is with the usages of AWS Cloud for multiplayer games online. 

Cocos2D-X: From the name itself, it is well understood that this game development tool is designed  for creating 2D games. While well suited for Android platforms it is equipped with loads of community support and detailed documentation as it is an open source tool. It is highly efficient in terms of resource because with this you can create games of a low soze as 1.5MB. OpenGL is used here for rendering optimized 2D graphics. 

The gradual development of this platform has made it a good competitor for 2D game development. This game development kit is highly suitable for small to mid size project. 

In the present competitive market of Android game development, technologies, imagination and logical analysis play a pivotal role. Now with your imagination and logical abilities you can come up with any sort of games using the necessary and suitable tools/engines/development kit mentioned above.

Mr. Arup Roy is the CEO of Red Apple Technologies, one of the popular android game companies in USA. With profound industry experience as an android developer, he has written ample blogs and posts.

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