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Laguna Waterpark Enjoy the Best of Water Inspired Fun at Laguna

Laguna Waterpark is a theme park located on the beachfront of La Mer Beach in Dubai. The waterpark is inspired by a colorful neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina called La Boca and is the best spot to visit during a hot summer day while vacationing in Dubai.

Laguna Waterpark Zones

Laguna waterpark is divided into 4 zones with attractions such as water slides, flumes and pools that will be a delight for all visitors.

?        Slides Zone

This zone has high thrill water slides that you will absolutely enjoy riding on.

?        Splash Zone

The splash zone has play area sections that are suitable for small kids and toddlers to have fun.

?        Surf Zone

The surf zone has a wave simulator machine that produces high waves. This zone is suitable for water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding.

?        Relaxing Zone

This zone features relaxing sections such as cabanas and a beachfront where you can lay back and unwind.

Laguna Waterpark attractions

Slides Zone

?        Free fall

This is a high thrill free fall slide. You will get to ride a glass capsule sky box that will take you on an exciting free fall journey into the splashdown section below.

?        The Manta

This is a thrilling 90 degree oscillating ride with rapids, twists and turns that will have you rolling in a massive Manta wing. The ride uses a circular raft that is shared by 4 – 6 people and is therefore a great group themed attraction where you can have fun with friends or family.

?        Constrictor

This is a high intensity ride suitable for thrill adrenaline junkies. You will get to ride on a constrictor tube that will take you on a thrilling adventure inside a dark tunnel with steep turns and amazing optical illusions.

?        The Loop

On this ride, you will get to ride a translucent tube through a loop ride in the Aqua launch capsule to get to the splash down lane below. This is a crowd favorite so get there early for your chance to enjoy this ride.

?        Mad Racer

This is a racing ride that you can enjoy together with family and friends. You will have to endure the numerous bumps and turns as you try to cross the finish line first on this thrilling ride.

Splash Zone

?        Aqua Play

This is a play area for kids aged between 4 and 12. The section has attractions such as looping slides and tipping buckets where kids can splash around and have fun in the water.

?        Splash Pad

This is a fun and interactive play section for toddlers. The area has splash pools and squirting waters for toddlers to have fun as well.

Surf Zone

1.       WaveOz Flowrider

This is a surf machine that simulates surfing waves over 187 feet high. The surf zone has a capacity to accommodate up to 4 surfers or bodyboarders at a time. This zone is also suitable for surf beginners who hope to learn the sport.

Relax Zone

?        Lazy River

You can hop on a tube at this 200 metre lazy river and let the ebbing currents away you to the end of the course. The river also has sudden showers and rapids that will add to the fun experience.

?        The Pool

This is a temperature controlled infinity edge pool where you can relax and lounge for hours.

?        Cabanas

You can also retire to the cabanas for a relaxing time. Each cabana at Laguna waterpark is equipped with 4 luxury sun loungers, private lockers, beach towels and complimentary drinks.

?        Beach

Laguna Water Park is located along the La Mer Beachfront where you can walk around and enjoy the sunny day.

Dining at Laguna Waterpark

For a meal at Laguna Waterpark, you can visit the following dining sections in the Park;

?        The Main restaurant

?        Surf Club

?        Rooftop balcony

For other dining options, you can also visit these restaurants located within La Mer;

?        Alice Pizza

This restaurant serves the best Italian Pizza.

?        Aghatti Restaurant

This restaurant serves Iraqi cuisine in an ultra-luxury dining setting that you will love.

?        Meal Top Café

You can have your fill of Korean desserts at this café. These include Bingsoo; a shaved ice dessert, snow lattes, waffles and honey bread.

?        Big Smoke Burger

This outlet serves Canadian beef, chicken and lamb burgers with fries.

?        Mr. Meaty

You will have a great experience at this Mediterranean themed outlet that serves Greek Cuisine.

?        Steakanji

This outlet serves grilled steaks that you will love.

Shopping options

You can go shopping at the following shopping outlets located around La Mer;

?        Beach Bunny

?        I Love Dubai

?        Hamac Beach Boutique

?        98 Cost Av.

?        I Sea La Mer

Laguna WaterPark Rules

Guests visiting Laguna Waterpark should observer the following rules water park rules  to ensure everyone’s safety;

?        Most rides at the waterpark have a height restriction of 1.2 metres hence guests below this height are not allowed to ride them.

?        Life jackets are complementary at the park. You can seek assistance from a lifeguard to help you wear them properly.

?        Instructions given by the lifeguards should be followed. Always wait for a lifeguard to dispatch  in all rides.

?        Always check the safety precautions before embarking on any ride to make sure that you are not affected by any of the limitations.

?        Children must be escorted by an adult.

?        Be wary of water depth in the pools and enter the pool feet first.

?        Smoking is only allowed in designated areas at Laguna Waterpark.

?        Laguna Water Park does not take responsibility for lost or damaged items. Make sure to take good care of your belongings.

Laguna Water Park tickets

To enjoy this waterpark, you can buy Laguna Waterparks on  Tickets booked on have the following advantages;

?        We have best prices guaranteed for your visit to Laguna Water Park.

?        Laguna Waterpark tickets are fast and easily  processed on our website.

?        Tickets are instantly confirmed.

?        We have 24/7 customer support to assist you.

Laguna Waterpark is a water playground offering numerous attractions that will add to the appeal of your Dubai stay. You can book Laguna Waterpark tickets

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