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Yas Waterworld an Enchanting Water World

Yas waterworld is a water park in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. It is the biggest waterpark in the UAE capital. The waterpark features 45 rides, slides and other attractions spread over an area of 15 hectares. With Yas Waterworld ticketsyou will get to experience this exciting waterpark.

Yas Waterworld was opened in 2013 and has a theme based on a local Emirati legend. The legend is a story about a young Emirati girl named Dana who goes on a brave quest to search for a unique pearl that would bring prosperity to her village. Yas Waterworld has attractions based on this legend.

Yas Waterworld Attractions

With Yas Waterworld Tickets, you will get to explore over 40 rides and slides at this water park. The attractions at  Yas Waterworld include;

Kids Attractions

?        Cannon Point

This is a play area with water spray points that will fire water cannons at you so you have to be careful not to get soaked!

?        Tot’s play ground

This is a play area with an infant pool and slide complex where toddlers and young children can play around.

?        Yehal

This section has three water slides and dumping buckets which provides a taste of adventure for the kids.

Family Attractions

?        Yadi Yas

Yadi Yas is a river with pulsating waves that gives you an exciting ride down stream. You have to ride on a tube through this exhilarating ride so make sure to hold on tight.

?        Water Wars

At this section, you will get to embark on an exciting balloon warfare with your family and friends. Buckets of balloons will be your ammunition so you will have to bring your best water shooting skills to win this war.

?        Marah Fortress

This is a water playground with slides, dumping buckets, water cannons and water shooting geysers that will provide a fun play area for the entire family.

?        Cine splash

This is a new attraction at Yas Waterworld. The Cine Splash is a water cinema that will take you to a new and exciting world.

?        Al Raha River

This is a lazy river that gently winds downstream. You can grab a tube and relax as you ride through the caverns of Al Raha River.

?        Amwaj Wave Pool

This is a wave pool with gentle ebb where you can lie down and enjoy the feel of the water.

Thrill Attractions

For those seeking to have a more thrilling experience at Yas WaterWorld, you can try the following attractions;

?        Sebag

This is a six lane water slide that you have to ride headlong while using the power of gravity as your only force. Use your best techniques to gain a winning spot during this fun ride.

?        Rush Rider

This is a body boarding section where you will get to ride an endless sheet wave.

?        Liwa Loop

This is a high intensity looping water slide that will give you a thrilling experience.

?        Jebel Drop

The Jebel drop is a high speed water slide with a huge free fall drop that will leave you reeling.

?        Hamlools Humps

This is a speeding slide with three massive humps that will give you an exciting flight down.

?        Falcons Falaj

This is a six seater water coaster with rapids and drops that will be a delight to ride.

?        Bandit Bomber

The bandit bomber the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East with on onboard water and laser effects. You can ride this coaster for a thrilling experience at Yas water World.

?        Bubble Barrel

The bubbles barrel is a double hump speed slide which produces the largest surfing sheet wave in the world. Surfers will absolutely love this attraction at Yas Waterworld.

Yas Flow League

This is a flow boarding sport where you can have professional coaching by the world champion flow boarder; Clayton baker. As a flow leaguer, you will have an opportunity to train with a pro in various riding categories such as flow and barrel; both strapped and strapless, standing up and body boarding.

Dining options

You can have a great dining experience at the following restaurants and food outlets at Yas Waterworld;

?        Dana’s diner

This diner has grilled barbeque, burgers, salads and sandwiches that you can enjoy while watching the surfing outdoors.

?        Farah’s flavors

You can have sweet Turkish ice cream at this outlet.

?        Chubby’s kitchen

This outlet serves fried chicken, pizzas and noodles that you will relish.

?        Skinny Frozen treats

This outlet sells Lemonade, shaved ice and ice cream.

?        Salma’s snack shack

You can have light snacks at this outlet such as sandwiches, fresh fruit, salads, slush and smoothies.

?        Gahwat Nasser

This outlet serves Arabic coffees, camel milk chocolates and fresh dates that you can bring with you.

Shopping options

For a souvenir from Yas Waterworld, you can get something at the following shopping outlets;

?        Tawasha Pearl Shop

After retrieving the fabled pearl, you can have it fashioned into custom jewellery at the Tawasha Pearl  shop.

?        Bandit Bomber Photo

At this photo shop, you will get an awesome photo of you riding the bandit bomber. 

?        Flying Carpet Calligraphy

This is beautiful water colored calligraphy that will make a great gift.

?        Jewana Photo

You can purchase a memorable photo souvenir at this photo shop.

?        Sultans & Sons

You can get Yas Waterworld branded items at Sultans and sons.

?        Qaryat Al Jewana Souk

This souk has a variety of shopping essentials for you to get a souvenir from Yas Waterworld.

?        Sultan’s candy

You can get sweets and candies from all over the world at this outlet.

Yas Waterworld tickets

You can book Yas Waterworld tickets on for a chance to explore all the attractions at this waterpark. Booking tickets with has the following advantages;

?        The tickets have best prices guaranteed.

?        Yas waterworld tickets are fast and easy to book on our online website.

?        Tickets are instantly confirmed after booking.

?        We have 24/7 customer care support to guide you through the ticket booking process.

Visiting Yas Waterworld is the best way to spend a hot day in Abu Dhabi. Book your Yas Waterworld tickets on today and get to visit this enchanting water world.

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