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Website Security Testing: Best Practices

Even if you have a marketing website, the security testing is a must perform the activity. You must take advantage of the best software testing services offered by a top QA company and you must make sure they are taking care of testing the security concerns for the website. In this article, I will share some major areas and best practices that need to be covered as part of website security testing.

The penetration or internet security testing is the most important test that the best software testing company considers at the highest priority. The internet security testing covers various areas of the website to find loopholes which can be attacked by other developers and hackers. The major attacks can be one of following on the website.

1. Injecting a malicious script

For malicious reasons the hackers attack the website and inject scripts in it. This script might not pull down your website completely, but it would insert a malware in it. Thus, the website will hamper all visitors and will be thrown out of the search engines. Even if your website is showing up somewhere, there will be browser warnings stating the site has malware. This will not only take off the digital traffic butwill also hamper your business brand.

2. Penetrating in the site

The security testing must try various ways of breaking the confidentiality of the website to test its reliability. This is the most common hack attack that is performed by hackers. They get success in breaking the login gateways and then pull your website down. They will also put their own content or message on the site to satisfy their malign intentions. The software testing expert needs to carry out various tests to assure the current system is secure as well as in case if the site gets hacked, it can be recovered quickly by performing failover testing.

3. Sending bulk traffic

This is also one kind of hack attack in which the hacker sends traffic in huge volume on your website. This will make your site run out of bandwidth or start behaving abruptly. The security testing can consider volume testing and stress testing to assure the website has required functionality to deal with such attacks.

The security testing of the website considers many other points and the best software testing company run rigorous tests to assure the website is ready to defeat any security attacks.

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Ruslan Desyatnikov is a CEO and Founder of QA Mentor Inc, He has 20 years of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Process Improvement and Software Testing experience.

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