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A large number of frontline officers and men of the US Air Force fall into a collapse? The proposed maintenance unit.

A large number of frontline officers and men of the US Air Force "fall into a collapse"? The proposed "maintenance" unit

(Original title: A large number of first-line officers and soldiers "fall into a collapse"? The US Air Force plans to build a "maintenance officer" unit)

Reference News Network reported on November 1st that the US Air Force Times website published an article written by Stephen Losey and Kyle Lumpfer on October 13th. "The Air Force considers major changes and adjusts the "dysfunctional" battlefield Air Force personnel. According to the structure, according to a memo obtained by the Air Force Times, the US Air Force is considering major reforms to organize, train, and maintain well-trained elite battlefield Air Force personnel by 2030.

The memorandum dated July 13th, signed by Admiral Stephen Wilson, deputy chief of staff of the Air Force, warned that “the organizational structure of the battlefield Air Force personnel is dysfunctional” and that the Air Force “has not fully utilized the land area” when performing its mission. The memo said that in the future complex multi-regional battlefield, this weakness may limit the Air Force's choice and cause unnecessary personal and resource losses.

But the memo says that if the Air Force personnel on the battlefield are used as "air force-aware ground forces" to fully realize their potential, they can provide accurate strike capability for rescuing Air Force personnel, entering turbulent regions around the world, and in various conflict environments. Bring choices. The program seeks to make battlefield Air Force personnel "the Air Force's most important ground maneuvering force" and to provide joint forces with options to expand airpower and liaison and direct support.

functioning Air Force

The memo said: "The most important thing is that a fully functioning Air Force ground maneuver force makes it unnecessary to ask other services to do what the Air Force should do on its own."

The memorandum said that it is necessary to carry out some reforms on the organizational structure of the battlefield Air Force personnel. The seven career areas are now distributed across multiple major headquarters, and their training infrastructure, procurement and budgeting programs do not cover the entire battlefield Air Force. 

A large number of first line officers and soldiers fall into a collapse The US Air Force plans to build a maintenance officer unit

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