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US experts important pillars have collapsed, the world order led by the United States will end

US experts: important pillars have collapsed, the world order led by the United States will end

Reference News Network reported on October 26, the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) website recently said that famous political analyst Ian Bremer said that the world is entering a "geopolitical recession", which indicates that the United States is headed The end of the global order.

The article said that Bremer said at the Australia-Australia Financial and Financial Forum in Singapore: "This geopolitical recession is actually very simple, that is, the end of the global order led by the United States. We don't know what to replace it.

According to the article, Bremer is the president and founder of the Eurasian Group, a political risk consulting firm. He said that the new round of economic downturn will lead to a greater degree of fragmentation on a global scale.

He said: "What I am more worried about is that when the next recession comes... and there is no doubt that there is not so much free money and the company tightens the belt, we will have trouble. In other words, the next round of economic downturn The political impact of the cycle will be a greater degree of confusion.

The article said that he believes that an important reason for the current political chaos is that "the geopolitical order is no longer consistent with the United States and its allies."

He also said that the relationship between Americans and Europeans has deteriorated, and the latter's position on the global stage is getting weaker. He also mentioned the rise of China, saying that emerging markets are becoming more and more important in general.

Americans are less interested in exporting democracy... Now it can be said that Americans are exporting populism," he said of the newly established anti-establishment government in Italy. Italy's current ruling coalition came to power in early June, and it consisted of a right-wing coalition party and a left-wing five-star movement.

Bremer concluded: "So this is an important reason why we entered the geopolitical recession, that is because all the important international pillars of the order led by the United States have collapsed in the past 25 years.

At the same time, the article said, Bray defaults that the global risk in the near future is cyberattacks, which he calls "something that might blow us up."

The article said that he mentioned the "Note Petia" ransomware attack in 2017, which caused major organizations around the world (such as shipping giant Maersk) to fall into paralysis. Maersk Company said at the time that the attack caused serious disruption to the company, that it was forced to stop operations and had to undergo an almost complete overhaul of the infrastructure.

The United States and the United Kingdom have accused Russia of being behind the scenes of this massive attack. There are reports that the attack is against Ukraine.

"The Russians have no intention of hitting those companies, they don't care," Bremer said.

But he said that the future risk environment is bound to get worse, especially in the situation where companies are reluctant to disclose violations.

US experts important pillars have collapsed, the world order led by the United States will end

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