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How to Use Live Chat Software at Its Best?

The digital era has started and almost all businesses have their marketing websites online which showcases their products, solutions, services and specialties. The companies invest a lot of money on expert digital marketing services so they can increase the web traffic, which can be converted into the paying customers. We all know that only some % of the web traffic gets converted into the inquiries. Here, the white label chat solution can be really helpful if you use it wisely. Well, the question is what the wise use means. Let me share top 3 tips that will let you use your live chat software at its best:

1. Offer Assistance, but don’t annoy

The main reason of using the live chat solution on the website is to initiate a conversation to offer real time answers of the questions a visitor may have. Thus, it is always good to pitch, if possible in a personalized manner the visitor. For example, if he is on the page of the call center solution you can send a chat message such as, I saw you are browsing information about our call center solution, please feel free to ask me if you have any question. This is just an example; you can use your style or code of conduct here. The main thing is never annoy them so they just leave. Don’t send too many messages or don’t distract them with the opened chat window. If you annoy, you are more likely to lose an opportunity, plus, it will create a negative brand image.

2. Try to engage, not to sale

Yes, we all want to get new business and that lead may also want to give your business, but pushing a client to buy something would make him feel irritated. Text chat is for short conversation so use it that way. Give quick answers. For detailed answers, request them to give their contact details and schedule a call.

3. Use live chat solution for internal communication as well

A majority of people use live chat solution to convert website visitors into a lead or to provide chat support to our existing customers. However, it can also be used for internal communication and as the manager and admin gets all chat logs, all staff members will be cautious about the chat usage policies.

These 3 best practices will let you get the max out of your white label chat solution. If you are looking for reliable chat software with white labeling

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