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US military aircraft with reporters Nanhai "show" Expert: consider Trump feeling no

US military aircraft with reporters Nanhai "show" Expert: consider Trump feeling no

Original title: US military aircraft with reporters Nanhai "show" was warned, experts: not invited, not allowed to shout a scorpion?

On the morning of the 10th local time, CNN broadcasted "sudden news" saying that the media reporter was warned by Chinese military aircraft six times on the same day as the US military aircraft flew over the Vietnamese sea. However, Yang Yujun, a former spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense and dean of the Institute of Media and Public Affairs of the Communication University of China, said after reading CNN’s report on the 10th that the Global Times reporter said that this is obviously not a "sudden news", but A "show" made by the US military and CNN.

According to reports, CNN reporters were approved by the US military on the 10th. They took a P-8A "Poseidon" anti-submarine reconnaissance plane from the US military base in Okinawa, Japan, and flew to the South China Sea. "CNN got a rare opportunity to take a US reconnaissance plane. Seeing the rapid militarization of China in the South Island Reef." CNN said that the US Navy flight team flew over four island reefs in China that "built a fortification" in Nansha: Yubi Reef, Yongshu Reef, Chigua Reef and Meiji Reef. Among them, over the Yubi Reef, the sensors of the "Poseidon" anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft discovered 86 ships, including the Chinese Sea Police. US military officer Karen said, "I am surprised to see the airport in the middle of the sea."

According to the report, during the flight, the US military units received six warnings from the Chinese army and were told that they had entered China's airspace and left immediately. The Chinese military said: "The US military aircraft, here is China ... immediately leave, keep the distance, do not lead to misjudgment." Every time the US response is the same: "I am a US military naval aircraft that is not subject to the jurisdiction of other countries. I am conducting legal military activities in the airspace of non-coastal countries. I am exercising the rights conferred by international law and will pay attention to the rights and obligations of all countries. CNN said that the last time the media reporter accompanied the US Navy in the South China Sea was in September 2015, when it was also warned by the Chinese side. "Since then, China's construction activities in the South China Sea have progressed rapidly."

Yang Yujun told the Global Times reporter that the US military took the reporter to the South China Sea to pick up the incident, which coincided with the significant progress made by China and ASEAN countries on the "South China Sea Code of Conduct" consultation. The intention of the United States is very obvious. It is to take the South China Sea and the Yellow River "guidelines" and to confuse China's relations with the countries surrounding the South China Sea.

For the so-called "US military aircraft was warned by the Chinese six times," Yang Yujun said that the US had long known how the Chinese would react. Not only the Chinese, but also the border defense forces of any sovereign country will make similar moves, and even react more intensely. "The US military aircraft is not invited to go to other people's yards to fly around, isn't it allowed to shout a scorpion? If this is the flight of someone else's plane to Hawaii, how will the US military react?"

Finally, Yang Yujun specifically mentioned that Trump defined CNN as the "public enemy of the people" to create "fake news", and the US military chose CNN to render the tension in the South China Sea. I wonder if I have thought about President Trump's feelings? 

Original title: US military aircraft with reporters Nanhai "show" was warned, experts: not invited, not allowed to shout a scorpion?

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