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US Vice President Announces Space Force Construction Plan: Wants to Invest $8 Billion

US Vice President Announces Space Force Construction Plan: Wants to Invest $8 Billion

Original title: US Vice President announced the space army construction plan: want to invest 8 billion US dollars

space army construction plan want to invest 8 billion US dollars

Overseas Network August 10th Local time August 9th, US Vice President Burns announced the Pentagon's detailed plans for the US space army, including the establishment of space development agencies, the development of space combat forces, legislative support to create plans, the establishment of space command Wait.

According to Bloomberg News, Burns said in a speech at the Pentagon, "It is not enough to let Americans exist in space. We must also have a dominant position in space. We can certainly do it." 

According to the CNBC News Network, Pengs also said that part of the new branch will be composed of pre-existing departments. "The space army will not build from scratch. This is a key step in making the space army the sixth largest branch of our army." It is reported that the US military is divided into the army, navy, air force, marine Corps and Coast Guard. They will be on an equal footing with them.

Trump first proposed the space army as part of its national security strategy in March this year. On the 9th, he expressed his enthusiasm for the plan on social media shortly after the announcement of Burns, and said: "The space army is coming!" According to the plan announced by Burns, Trump will appeal to the US Congress. In the next five years, $8 billion will be allocated to support the establishment of space forces.

On August 7, the US Defense Secretary Matisse, who had clearly opposed the plan, said that the Ministry of Defense had agreed to Trump’s vision of space, which would see space as a new battlefield and consider establishing a combatant command first. Then gradually promote the establishment of "space forces."

Matisse even said that it would prompt Congress to pass the plan, "everything is steadily advanced under the direction of the president."

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, international treaties such as the Outer Space Treaty, the Further Practical Measures for the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space, and the "No First Place of Weapons in Outer Space" prohibit the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space. No country has deployed weapons in outer space. 

Original title: US Vice President announced the space army construction plan: want to invest 8 billion US dollars

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