Posted Date: 03/08/2018
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Saudi Arabia-led multinational coalition air strikes Hodda to kill 52 civilians

Saudi Arabia-led multinational coalition air strikes Hodda to kill 52 civilians

News Agency, Kuwait City, August 2 : Yemen's health department in Hohda province issued a statement on the 2nd that the multinational coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia bombed a local market when the sky hit the province’s Heida city. 52 civilians were killed and more than 100 were injured.

The health department official of the Netherlands reported to News Agency that the injured had been sent to several medical institutions for treatment. Many people were seriously injured and the death toll could rise further.

Some local residents said that the market was crowded on the day, and the bombing caused many vendors and customers to die on the spot. The scene was fierce.

With the support of the multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Yemeni government forces launched a large-scale military operation to recover Hodda on June 13. The port of Hodda is on the verge of the Red Sea. It is an important channel for the Yemeni armed forces to contact the outside world and the only way for the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the Houthi armed control area.

In September 2014, the Yemeni Houthi captured the capital Sana'a and later occupied the southern part of Yemen, forcing President Hardy to take refuge in Saudi Arabia. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries launched a military operation codenamed "Decisive Storm" against the Houthi armed forces. 

Saudi Arabia-led multinational coalition air strikes Hodda to kill 52 civilians

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