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CNN reveals that the US Navy is plotting to shock muscles in China: intensive operations in the South China Sea

CNN reveals that the US Navy is plotting to "shock muscles" in China: intensive operations in the South China Sea

US Navy plotting

According to a report on October 5, foreign media said that according to US defense officials, the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet has drafted a confidential proposal to show off force on a global scale to warn China and indicate that the United States is prepared to stop And counterattack their military operations.

The CNN website published a report on October 3rd entitled "The US Navy proposes to display its strength to warn China." The Navy's proposal suggested that the US Pacific Fleet carry out a series of actions in the week of November. The goal is to conduct a highly concentrated series of exercises involving US warships, combat aircraft and the military to show that the United States can quickly confront potential enemies in several ways.

According to the report, the proposal proposes to send vessels and aircraft near the Chinese territorial waters of the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait for "freedom of navigation" to demonstrate the freedom of navigation in international waters. This proposal means that US ships and aircraft will be operating near the Chinese army.

US Defense Department officials stressed that there is no intention to engage the Chinese side.

According to the report, although the US military is carrying out such operations throughout the year, the proposal being distributed calls for several tasks to be completed within a few days. 

According to the report, although an official said that this was “just an idea”, the proposal was sufficient and accompanied by a confidential name for the operation. The proposal is currently being disseminated at multiple levels of the US military. Officials are reluctant to confirm the names of possible actions.

US officials acknowledge that China often sees these actions as provocations. They also acknowledge that the intelligence community must consider any concerns about China's response.

The report said the Pentagon refused to acknowledge or comment on the proposal. Pentagon spokesman David Eastbourne said: "As the Secretary of Defense said on countless occasions, we will not comment on any future actions.

CNN reveals that the US Navy is plotting to shock muscles in China: intensive operations in the South China Sea

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