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5 Smart Ideas for Managing the Counter Queues

Growing Sales is a good sign for any business and it eventually comes to the stage when the number of customers just increase to the extent that the business needs a process or a way to handle or manage them efficiently.

Customers standing in the queues for their turn are often so impatient that it is hard as well as challenging to keep them waiting without letting them feel bored or irritated.

And when we talk about the businesses, each one of them has their own way to handle such situation. The way in which the priority is decided, the queue structure is decided or the time to serve is decided vary from one organisation to other and from one scenario to the other.

This decision can be made on the basis of various factors such as Team Availability, Ratio of Staff to the Customers, Urgency of Service Requests, Staff Capability and other things. And while all these factors vary for every one of the users, there are some techniques which can be implemented in almost each of the scenario of this kind.

Below are the ideas that can help you control and manage the growing queues in your organisation:

First Come First Serve Model – The customers standing for long in the queues deserve to be treated on the priority basis. And hence, it is best to standardize on this model. One can use queue posts that automatically implement this work culture, without any added need for the instructions.

Specific Criteria Wise Turn- It is not always necessary that the First Come First Serve Model can always serve best in each of the scenarios. There might be the cases when someone needs to be served earlier than the other, no matter when he/she actually came into the queue. This can be for senior citizens, pregnant ladies etc. In that case, you can simply form two queues, one for the FCFS and other for these urgent service requests.

Sign Boards that Speak without Noise-Sign Board is one of the most helpful accessories in such crowded scenarios. The businesses can put informational signs on it or can simply convey what they want to tell to the whole crowd.

Choosing Specific Crowd Control Tools and Mechanism- There are different Crowd Control and Management tools available in the market and one should choose them according to the particular requirement. For Example- The most popular ones include Belt Post, Rope Post and Chain Post. Although all being the Queue Posts, each of them offers different usage for the different areas.

Café Barriers- If there is anything that demands the sitting arrangement for your customers, simply use Café Barriers without any second thought. It will create an extra sitting space without interfering with the standing scheme. One can also take a lot of advertisement opportunity from these Café Barriers.

This way, by implementing these 5 Smart Ideas at your business place, you can easily tackle the crowd even during the busiest hours.

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