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American companies "escape from the United States"? Trump can't sit still and do this in the White House

Original title: Can't sit still? Trump wants to be in the White House to do "American Made" high-ranking officials

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Trump's tariff policy has caused some American companies to "escape the United States" and plan to transfer production from the United States to the outside world. Following the symbol of the "American spirit" - Harley Motors announced that after setting up a factory overseas, the famous American company Tesla also took action. In this context, Trump has to support "Made in the USA." Can't sit still? 

Reuters reported on the 23rd that US President Trump will hold a US-made product exhibition at the White House on Monday (23rd) local time. The report said that the exhibits will cover daily consumer goods such as beef jerky cowboy boots to Lockheed Martin's F. -35 fighter.

According to the report of the Capitol Hill, according to the activity guide, all products on display will contain “negligible foreign elements”. Their final assembly and processing must be carried out in the United States. 

A White House spokesperson said on Sunday (22nd) that Trump will deliver a speech at the exhibition to show that the government is "committed to ensuring that more products are produced in the United States." Vice President Mike Burns, six cabinet secretaries and A dozen other senior officials will also participate.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Waters said: "This is an opportunity to showcase products made in the United States. We will invite companies from various states to show at the White House (their products)."

According to reports, the US-made products to be exhibited at the exhibition include cookies from Vermont, pepperoni rolls from West Virginia, jeans from Oklahoma, safes from Utah, and Colorado. Snowboards and livestock feed from Iowa.

In addition to these daily necessities, Reuters reported that Lockheed Martin will also display the F-35 model on the White House lawn, and will also show the Orion spacecraft. "This is the cornerstone of NASA's future exploration of the moon, Mars mission," The company said.

In addition, the exhibition also includes Ford Motor Company's F-150 pickup. According to Reuters, the US Department of Commerce held a hearing on Thursday to investigate whether imported vehicles and parts are harmful to national security. All major automakers, including Ford Motor Company, are opposed to levying tariffs on vehicles and parts up to 25%.

Can't sit still? Trump wants to be in the White House to do "American Made" high-ranking officials

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