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After Melania and Putin shake hands, they look different. citizen: She was frightened

Melania and Putin smiled with a handshake

Melania and Putin smiled with a handshake

Overseas Network July 19th US President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki, Finland on the 16th. Foreign media exposed the picture of the US "First Lady" Melania and Putin shaking hands on the day of the meeting. Melania smiled and smiled after shaking hands with Putin.

The British "Daily Mail" on the 18th exposed a video of the "first lady" of the United States Melania accompanied Trump and Putin. At the beginning of the video, Trump introduced Melinya to Putin, Mela. Niya and Putin smiled when they shook hands, and after the handshake, Melania’s expression suddenly became very serious, as if she was frightened.

Melanie expression suddenly became very serious

After the handshake, Melanie’s expression suddenly became very serious, as if she was frightened. (Source: "Daily Mail")

This video also sparked a hot discussion on social platforms. A Twitter user commented, "She looks very scared." Some netizens commented, "Melania is the only person in the room who knows how dangerous that person (referring to Putin) is." Commenting on the reaction of Melania and Putin after shaking hands, "She looks like a sudden 'short circuit' for a few seconds."

On July 16, local time, Trump and Putin attended the joint press conference after the talks. At a press conference, Trump expressed doubts about US intelligence agencies accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election, and repeatedly expressed his belief that Putin, Trump’s remarks immediately caused an uproar in the United States, the US Congress and the two parties and the media. There have been repeated attacks on Trump, accusing Trump of choosing to stand on the side of Putin as "treason."

Trump, who returned to the White House at the end of the Putian Conference, explained his remarks at the press conference on the afternoon of the 17th. He said that the statement that Russia did not intervene in the US presidential election is completely "spoken", he also said I fully accepted the findings of the intelligence department’s investigation into Russia’s intervention in the 2016 US election. The lawmakers did not seem to buy it, and they accused them of "weakness."

After Melania and Putin shake hands, they look different. citizen: She was frightened

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