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Will Trump cancel the NATO military exercise for Putin? His European allies panicked

Original title: Trump wants to cancel the NATO military exercise for Putin? His European allies panic

Trump and Putin for NATO military exercise

Trump and Putin

Overseas Network July 13th At the annual NATO summit held recently, Trump frequently "speaks amazingly" and successively put pressure on allies including Germany on military expenses and other issues. What is even more surprising is that Trump said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a request, he will not rule out the possibility of canceling the NATO military exercise in the Baltic countries. In this regard, the US media believes that this will also aggravate the concerns of the traditional American European allies on the future development and stability of the NATO alliance.

According to CNN's report on the 12th, when asked if he intends to cancel the NATO military exercise in the Baltic countries, Trump's answer is "Maybe we (I and Putin) will talk about this next. thing". His response has undoubtedly further exacerbated the uncertainty of the NATO alliance.

At present, a joint 17-nation exercise involving hundreds of US troops and several US warships is underway in the Black Sea. A US official also told the media that the Ministry of Defense did not prematurely consider the president's suspension of military exercises in Eastern Europe. However, Trump’s words are undoubtedly “opened the door” for the discussion of the “Putt.”, and Trump, the US commander-in-chief, can decide whether to let the United States suspend military exercises.

CNN reporter Zachary Cohen pointed out in the article that Trump’s remarks have worried European leaders. These traditional American allies worry that Trump may undermine the concept of "collective defense" that is vital to the NATO alliance itself by making significant, unilateral concessions to Putin. If the United States really "quits", although Europe can still carry out military exercises, it needs to "replace the name" because the United States can veto that they continue to exercise the "NATO" banner. 

Trump wants to cancel the NATO military exercise for Putin? His European allies panic

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