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The United States trade zero peace theory is a kind of evil that harms the world

"Trying to use tariff barriers to solve the country's deficit in multilateral trade will only be counterproductive." "The US government bypassing the WTO to impose tariffs on China will damage the rule-based international trading system." These days, the US The move of Chinese products to impose tariffs has caused the international community to boast.

Not everyone in the US decision-making circle does not understand these reasons. However, there is a kind of demons behind it: "International trade only has competition and it is difficult to have a win-win situation." "Other countries will run faster, and the United States will be threatened. If other countries develop well, the United States will suffer." This " trade-and-zero theory " of the United States violates the law and moves counter-current. It not only impacts Sino-US economic and trade cooperation, but also brings great uncertainty to the entire world economy.

The cornerstone of economic and trade cooperation is complementarity, not zero-sum game. The theory of comparative advantage has long proved that an open commodity, service and capital market will promote economic growth and prosperity in the countries concerned. Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is one of the vivid practices of this theory. As the world's largest developing country and the largest developed country, China and the United States have great differences in terms of development stage, economic structure and resource endowment, forming a highly complementary relationship and providing bilateral economic and trade cooperation. With a strong driving force, the high-value-added design and R&D activities that the US is good at can compete with China's advantageous low-cost production and assembly links, and gradually establish a community of deep integration and interdependence. These realistic foundations determine the relationship between China and the United States. If you win, you will win both.

The essence of economic and trade cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win, not that you lose me. Last year, the trade volume between China and the United States reached US$583.7 billion, 233 times that of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1979. The huge Chinese market that the world values ??is increasingly becoming an important business growth point and profit center in the global layout of US companies. The recent report of the US-China Relations Committee shows that exports to China have created 1 million jobs for the United States. The history of international trade has repeatedly proved that unilateral protectionism is a zero-sum game. Whoever plays bad luck, in addition to triggering a trade war, has no advantages, can not solve the structural problems of the country, and can not protect the "rice bowl" of domestic workers. It will harm the interests of consumers around the world. Recently, the US’s self-restraint play of fire can only make more American companies lose China’s global market, and miss out on the opportunities brought about by China’s new round of reform and opening up. 

The United States trade zero peace theory is a kind of evil that harms the world

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