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How does Trump "run"? Most people in the United States think that trade war is a bad thing

Original title: How does Trump "run"? Most people in the United States think that trade war is a bad thing

The reference news network reported on July 9 that the US media said that President Trump likes to use rumors and anecdotes to judge whether it is successful or not - whether it is real or beautified. But his trade war is changing the rumors about him, and while the trade war is officially launched on the 6th, there are more and more signs of trouble.

The US "Washington Post" website on July 7th "How will Trump's trade war with China make him go wrong? The report said that the Washington Post and George Mason University Policy and Government College jointly conducted a poll on the background that there are news that China also imposes punitive tariffs on US goods. Trump’s “tariffs” imposed on China are good or bad, with 56% of respondents saying that this is a bad thing for US employment.

According to the report, the bigger concern is the price of goods, and about three-quarters of respondents (73%) are worried about the impact of the trade war on them. This concern is particularly evident in important constituencies that will play a decisive role in the 2018 congressional elections. In these areas, 78% of respondents said that the trade war with China is not conducive to product prices, even the majority of Republicans (56%) in the country have the same concerns.

About a week ago, there was a first major news about companies responding to tariffs (tariffs also apply to Canada, Mexico and the European Union). So far, the US nail manufacturer, Nakasu nail company, has fired 60 employees and is at risk of bankruptcy this summer. A more prominent example is the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, which says it will shift more production overseas because of EU retaliatory tariffs. Today, both BMW and General Motors have warned of rising car prices, Volvo may cancel 4,000 jobs originally planned to be added in South Carolina, and polysilicon manufacturer RECSilicon announced that it will lay off 100 people – their reasons It is a tariff issue. 

How does Trump "run"? Most people in the United States think that trade war is a bad thing

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