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Life and death rescue! Thai youth football team was trapped in the cave for 222 hours

Original title: Life and death rescue! Thai youth football team was trapped in the cave for 222 hours

 Thai youth football team after trapped in cave for 222 hours

Cover News (reporter from Thailand) 12 young football players plus a coach, from the moment they step into the cave, they are destined to be shocked. On June 23rd, the Tanga cave group in Chiang Rai, Thailand, ushered in a group of “uninvited guests”. They also had a resounding name – the “wild pig” football team. This team went deeper and deeper.

That day, just in time for the rainy season in Thailand, the rain fell, and their figure gradually disappeared into the depths of the cave. Until July 2nd, the lost football team was finally discovered. It lasted for 9 days and was temporarily safe, but the rescue work was harder.

Nightmare Rescue for thai football team after 222 hours

222 hours of life and death

For football players, the time for a game is only 90 minutes, at most it is overtime. However, from the time the young football team was trapped, it was found that all of them were safe. After nearly 9 days, it took nearly 222 hours. How did they survive the distress and how did they survive the storm? Let us review this thrilling experience from the time node:

On June 23, the youth football team lost contact on the way to "exploration." On June 24, according to the Bangkok Post, the search and rescue team found some backpacks and sandals for the children in the cave, but the rising water level forced the search and rescue work to be suspended in the afternoon. From the 25th to the 29th, the rescue work continued, during which the rainstorm caused the water level to rise and the rescue process was delayed. On July 2nd, the trapped person was finally discovered, and the vital signs were good. However, because he had not eaten for ten days and was still weak, and still stuck in the hole, it took a while to be rescued. 

Miracle survive after 222 hours for thai football team

Miracle survive

Life and death rescue! Thai youth football team was trapped in the cave for 222 hours

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