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U.S. actor impersonates MPs to call Trang Mandarin for 3 minutes

Original title: Played the White House! US comedian impersonate MP and call Trump to talk about immigration

A special correspondent for the United States, special correspondent talked for three minutes but they did not know that the other party was a counterfeit product. US President Trump was actually spoofed. Recently, the American comedian John Melendez impersonated US Congressman to call Trump. I didn't want to. I soon received an incoming call from Air Force One. After this successful spoofing was exposed, people immediately worried about the security of the president. In this regard, the White House assistant argued that Trump was blinded because he was eager to listen to the voice of a member.

"When I received his call back, I was really shocked. I only intended to make a joke at first." On June 30, local time, John told this in an interview with CNN. Unbelievable call. The day before, John detailed his personal website on how he successfully scammed Trump. On the 27th, John first called the White House switchboard in the true identity with Trang Mandarin, but was rejected. Unwilling, he changed his British accent and called again and lied that he was the assistant of the congressman Menedes, "Shawn Moore." "At the time, the operator did not ask me what kind of party Meredes was, from which state. I don't know these." Subsequently, the White House operator transferred the call to a subordinate of Trump, who said the president is not available. John said that the subordinate then gave him Trump's cell phone number. John also revealed that before receiving a call from Trump, he also received a call from a group of presidential subordinates, including the president's senior adviser, Trump son-in-law Kushner.

According to John, his conversation with Trump lasted for 3 minutes. Trump first congratulated "he" on bribery crimes in the crime of condemnation: "Hey, Bob, you have experienced a very difficult time. Congratulations, you did a good job." The two also talked about immigration policy. Trump said, "We can make a real immigration bill. We must ensure the security of the border." Trump also admitted that he was already tired of this problem.

In addition, Trump also mentioned the issue of the succession of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump told John that he had a list of plans to make a decision on the nominee's nominees in the next two weeks. Interestingly, John also suggested that Trump should not choose someone who is too conservative, Trump agrees.

Played the White House! US comedian impersonate MP and call Trump to talk about immigration

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