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Agriculture in Hokkaido Japan suffered heavy losses milk was dumped directly

Agriculture in Hokkaido, Japan, suffered heavy losses: milk was dumped directly

(Original title: Earthquake 6.7 on the Richter scale hits Hokkaido agriculture in Japan : milk is directly dumped)

The Richter scale hits Hokkaido agriculture in Japan
The water stoppage and power outage caused by the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, have dealt a heavy blow to the local industrial agriculture and aquaculture. Cheese farmers who raise cows have to dump milk directly because they cannot sell the milk they have squeezed out. The transportation and shipping equipment for crops has ceased to function and the fishery farming facilities have also been damaged. Local farmers and fishermen are speeding up post-disaster reconstruction in grief.

According to the "Nikkei Business News" reported on September 11, the white wood teachings of the livestock industry in Makubetsu, Hokkaido, made a bitter decision around noon on September 6 after 8 hours of the earthquake: "Can't wait for an incoming call. Although it can only be dumped, it must be milked."

Due to the continuous power outage after the earthquake, the milking machine and the cold storage device for storing fresh milk could not be used. At the same time, the milk factory as a customer also stopped working and did not know when to resume supply. But if you don't milk, about 20 cows may have mastitis.

White wood can only be used to drive a simple milking machine with a small generator, milking one cow at a time, and then directly pouring it into the septic ditch. The groundwater used in normal times is also unable to drown due to power outages, and water is also taken from a pool about 200 meters away.

Bai Mu said, "It is a pity that the milk is dumped, but the cow must be protected. I only hope that the situation will not continue to deteriorate." Although electricity resumed on the evening of September 7, Whitewood has dumped 2 tons of fresh milk, which is equivalent to three days of production. 

Nagano-cho, Hokkaido was hit by a typhoon on September 5, the day before the earthquake. About 800 plastic greenhouses were damaged, and an earthquake was encountered in the unrepaired situation.

According to statistics from the local agricultural association, due to the power outage caused by the earthquake, the ice machine and pre-cooler of the receiving facility stopped working and had to manually ship the broccoli. The person in charge worried that "the land will become loose due to the earthquake and typhoon. If it continues to rain, rice and soybeans may fall." 

In the scallop breeding facility in Kagobe-cho, the 6,000 ropes (300 meters long) used to raise scallops in the sea are intertwined, and some shipments in 2019 will be difficult to ensure. It is said that after the earthquake, for some reason, the tides have changed, which may cause damage to the scallops.

The director of the General Affairs Department of the Deer Fisheries Association, Otsuka Real People, said with disappointment that "scallops are our main commodity...". He also said that "it is necessary to grasp the detailed disaster situation in the sea as soon as possible" and ask the Japanese government to provide assistance. 

Earthquake 6.7 on the Richter scale hits Hokkaido agriculture in Japan milk is directly dumped

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