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The Oriental 2018 exercise first exercised the Russian military chief pointed out 11 issues

The "Oriental-2018" exercise first exercised the Russian military chief pointed out 11 issues

Original title: "Oriental-2018" exercise highlights the Chinese and Russian main battle equipment all debut

On September 11th, the “Oriental-2018” strategic exercise participated by the Chinese army was launched in the post-Russian training center of Ziggar, and the Chinese and Russian officers and men will launch an unprecedented scale. Strategic level joint campaign drill.

So, what are the highlights of this exercise? What wonderful moments left on the Zorger training ground? What kind of high-level display will the Chinese and Russian military officers participate in? At the drill site, the reporter interviewed Li Yinyin, a member of the expert group of the director of the "Oriental-2018" and the military academy.

Russian military chief pointed out 11 issues

Russia strategic exercise participated by the Chinese army
You have been engaged in research on the Russian army. The main battlefield for our military to participate in the Russian military "Oriental-2018" strategic exercise is the Zorgor training ground. What are the characteristics of this training ground?

The Chugor Range is a major shooting range of the Russian Eastern Military Region. It is also a comprehensive training ground. Its front is 32 kilometers and the depth is 24 kilometers, which is a range of hundreds of square kilometers. All the elements are complete. It can drill intensive aviation assaults, and can also exercise air defenses. It can exercise tank attacks and anti-tank strikes. Of course, it can also carry out daily training of ordinary tank-driving vehicles. This shooting range is designed according to the field scene. There are no fixed and fixed buildings. Each time the Russian officers and men are also tents on the spot, they will perform exercises according to the field environment.

Yes, from the general to the soldiers, they all live in the same standard field tents and implement field protection.

Oriental-2018 exercise highlights the Chinese and Russian main battle equipment all debut

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