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British media said that the United Arab Emirates recruited former base members to fight terrorism

"To the enemy"? British media said that the United Arab Emirates recruited former base members to fight terrorism

United Arab Emirates recruited former base members

Original title: "To the enemy"? British media said that the UAE recruited former "base" members to fight terrorism

According to the British "Independent" website reported on August 16, the UAE military said that due to difficulties in the three-year battle between the poor Gulf countries and Al Qaeda in Yemen.

The report said that since the intervention in Yemen in early 2015, the United Arab Emirates has trained 30,000 Yemeni soldiers against the Al Qaeda Arab Branch (AQAP). The United States once called AQAP the most dangerous branch of al-Qaeda.

During the heyday of AQAP, it controlled most of the area along the southern coast of Yemen, including some of the major capitals such as Mukalla, the fifth largest city in Yemen, and the towns of Zimbabal and Jal, the provincial capital of Abyan. With the support of U.S. drone air strikes, the UAE and Yemeni forces pushed AQAP into several small places that were isolated from the center of Yemen.

However, the Gulf Alliance faces some accusations that some say its success is not because of military strength, but because of their transactions with AQAP, including allowing the militants to leave with the cash they have robbed and to fight with the people of the alliance. 

The UAE military strongly denies these claims and calls it "untrue and illogical." However, the senior commanders of the UAE army have said that after a thorough review, they absorbed some militants into the Yemeni army.

Brigadier General Ali of the UAE Anti-Terrorism Operation told the Independent newspaper: "Many AQAP 'warriors' are just young people under their control, forced or persuaded to take up arms. When we drove the 'base' organization out of the urban areas At the time, they left a lot of such people. It is reasonable to recruit these people because it strongly demonstrates Yemen’s commitment to liberation."

Brigadier General Ali’s full name cannot be reported for security reasons. He added: “Peace is mainly a battle for people’s hearts. The recruitment of AQAP is very effective, but they are not recruiting terrorists or soldiers. In such a complicated conflict In the zone, it is important to recognize the difference." 

To the enemy British media said that the UAE recruited former base members to fight terrorism

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