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The most bombing terrorist on the planet was killed by the US military

The most bombing terrorist on the planet was killed by the US military

The original title: "The terrorist who will be the bomb of the planet " was killed by the US military!

His name is Al Asili. Saudis. Bin Laden’s compatriots are also “terrorist colleagues”.

He was called a "terrorist on the planet" by senior CIA officials and is the most powerful bomb expert of al-Qaeda.

The protagonist of today's news is him.

To understand him, I have to start from Christmas 2009.

On this day, Northwest Airlines Flight 253 took off from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and flew to Detroit, USA. 

There are 279 passengers on the flight, 8 flight attendants and 3 pilots. Many of the passengers rushed home for Christmas.

Most of the voyage is as usual. When the plane was about to land, the young man sitting in the 19A position got up and went to the toilet, and stayed there for 20 minutes.

After going to the toilet, he returned to his seat as usual. Suddenly began to shout "stomach pain." So the flight attendant sent him a blanket and covered it.

The young man is called Umar Abdul Mutara. because

What he did afterwards, the name was written into the "counter-terrorism history" of the United States. 

When the A330 plane was about to land in 20 minutes, the Dutch passenger Jasper, who was sitting in the same row with Mutara, suddenly saw that his leg covered by a blanket had been shaking quickly, and then there was smoke from him. Under the seat!

"The terrorist who will be the bomb of the planet " was killed by the US military!

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