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US magazine claims that the US Navy secret weapon Sea Dragon was stolen: China has learned

Original title: The US magazine stated that the US Navy secretly “ Hailong ” weapons have been stolen: China has already known

The US "Popular Machinery" monthly website published on Kel Gul's article "What is the Navy's Secret "Sea Dragon" weapon on June 11? "The United States Navy and an unknown defense contractor are developing a new missile." The Navy said that this type of missile will allow its submarines to gain new "breakthrough offensive capabilities" to fight against enemy ships. This previously unknown weapon, known as the “Sea Dragon”, is said to combine an existing US naval platform with an existing capability, probably as a new version of a multi-purpose air defense missile that can replace anti-ship missiles. 

What is the Navy's Secret "Sea Dragon" Weapon?

"The Washington Post" recently reported as an important news that Chinese hackers had intruded on a naval contractor's computer and stole 614 gigabytes of data. The stolen data related to the Navy War Center. The center is responsible for developing submarine systems. The newspaper reported that stolen data includes "signal and sensor data, submarine radio cabin information related to the cryptosystem, and electronic warfare database of the naval submarine development department."

US Navy Secret Sea Dragon Weapon

The United States Virginia-class submarine "Colorado", its two missile barrels have been opened. (US "Popular Machinery" monthly website)

The article stated that as if this is not bad enough, it also includes data on the Navy's new "Sea Dragon" weapon system. At the request of the Navy, the Washington Post did not publish some key information about the "sea dragon", but it did point out that the weapon was a supersonic anti-ship missile used by submarines. According to the Navy’s statement, this weapon is a “breakthrough attack capability” created by “combining existing weapon systems with existing naval platforms”. The weapon will begin underwater weapon testing later this year and will be ready for installation by 2020.

The article said, what is the "sea dragon"? It can be said with certainty that China has already known because of the loss of 614 gigabytes of data. The fact that the missile is based on the "existing weapon system" is an important clue. The fact that it is supersonic is also true. All four offensive missiles of the Navy: "Harpoon" anti-ship missiles, "Tomahawk" missiles, new-type naval strike missiles, and long-range anti-ship missiles are subsonic missiles. We can exclude these weapons. 

 A harpoon anti-ship missile launched from the United States Coronado

The US magazine stated that the US Navy secretly “ Hailong ” weapons have been stolen: China has already known

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