Posted Date: 25/06/2018
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The development of the world’s first unmanned aerial warning aircraft design is amazing

Global Network military reporter learned from the 8th World Radar Expo held in Nanjing recently that the China Electronics JY-300 Unmanned Aerial Warning and Monitoring System has been launched. It should be the first in the world. Unmanned aerial warning aircraft.

first unmanned aerial warning aircraft design is amazing

According to Global Times reporters and Global Network military reporters, the aircraft achieved perfect integration and organic integration of UAVs and radar antennas, and advanced technologies such as conformable antennas and smart skins were adopted, breaking through the installation of early warning radar for UAVs. Puzzles.

unmanned aerial warning aircraft radar antennas

From the video taken by the above Global Network military reporters, we can know that the JY-300's radar antenna is installed on both sides of the fuselage and the leading edge of the wing to ensure the effective detection of the radar. At the same time, the influence of this design on the aerodynamic performance of the UAV is also Minimized to the perfect design.

The military observer old Gan to the Global Network military expressed recognition of this point: the characteristics of the drone determines that it can stay in the air for a long time, continuous monitoring of low-altitude aircraft, cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles and surface ships and other types of targets , supplemented by a new generation of high-speed data links, to achieve air-surface integration of systematic operations. 

The development of the world’s first unmanned aerial warning aircraft design is amazing

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