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International media accuse the United States of provoking a trade war to violate the laws of the market and disrupt the trade order

Foreign correspondent reported that following the introduction of a tax bill for China’s 50 billion U.S. dollars in goods, the U.S. government intensified its efforts and threatened to draw up a US$200 billion taxation list. International media have criticized the U.S. unilateralist actions and accused the United States of provoking a trade war , violating market laws, and disrupting the world trade order.

Tom Watkins, an adviser to the China Chamber of Commerce in Detroit, said that the constant escalation of trade frictions between China and the United States is both unfortunate and unnecessary, and there will be no winners in the trade war between the two countries.

Dennis Slater, chairman of the American Equipment Manufacturers Association, said: “I represent the 1.3 million equipment manufacturing workers and urge the U.S. government not to implement a tariff-impairing tariff policy.” The levy of tariffs is a tax on U.S. consumers, which will make U.S. Industry jobs are at risk.

According to data from the American Soybean Association, nearly one-third of the total soybean production in the United States is exported to China at a value of US$14 billion. The U.S.Agricultural Society continuously posted messages on social media against the Trump administration’s decision: “Now is the moment of trade, not the moment of increasing tariffs.” “China is a valuable trading partner and is the (American) soybean grower’s rely."

The United States’ initiative to provoke a trade war also poses risks to other economies in the world. The British Sky News website reported that the U.S. government’s decision will also increase the trade friction between the United States and many other economies including the European Union.

The British "Guardian" quoted the results of the Oxford Economic Research Institute. The report said that the uncertainty and risk increase caused by the United States imposed tariffs will affect business confidence and investment, especially cross-border investment. The US approach will affect the economic growth of China and the United States and other regions.

Japan’s Kyodo News published an article stating that the U.S. move has cast a shadow on world trade, and that Japanese companies are also unable to do their own thing, because some of the products exported by Japanese companies to the U.S. are also on the list of sanctions.

Japan’s “Daily News” reported that the U.S. tariff policy has brought a great deal of instability to the world economy. Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” pointed out that the U.S. government’s series of trade protection measures have been strongly opposed by allies. The strong protectionist trade policy of the United States is an important reason for disrupting the world trade order. 

International media accuse the United States of provoking a trade war to violate the laws of the market and disrupt the trade order

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