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C Luo airport statue was replaced, netizens petitioned back to the original haunted version

C Luo statue new right old contrast

C Luo statue new (right), old contrast. Obviously, the original "characteristics" are many

Because in the first Russian World Cup match in Portugal, he played a "hat trick", Ronaldo was once again closed to God, praised by fans around the world. At the same time, the famous statue at his hometown of Madeira Island was replaced. Although the new version of the C Ronald statue looks more normal and similar, Ronaldo's fans do not seem to have bought it. A lot of people petitioned online and demanded that they return to the old statues of the more "devil animals."

C Ronaldo statue

Before this caused the global fans to look around C Ronaldo statue.

Last year, Madeira Airport changed its name to Cristiano Ronaldo Airport and placed the C Rondes statue made by the local designer Emmanuel Santos, which attracted worldwide attention. The main reason is that the statue is too unique. The facial expressions were unnatural, and it was a bit of a ridiculous point, so the statue that Emanuel spent three weeks had been ridiculed by many netizens.

C Luo new statue

Now, the airport has confirmed that the statue that has been laughed at has been removed last Friday. A statue that looks more like Ronaldo has been placed. Ronaldo also coincidentally staged a hat on that day. Juggling" helped the Portuguese team draw against Spain.

C Luo Fanwei hat-trick in Portugal first group match

C Luo Fanwei, hat-trick in Portugal's first group match

But this new statue still does not seem to satisfy everyone. On the petition website named “”, some netizens initiated a petition requesting the airport to immediately replace the old statue, and many people got it. support.

They think that the original statue looks more characteristic and is more conducive to helping Madeira attract attention from the outside world and should not be replaced by a new statue.

C Luo airport statue was replaced, netizens petitioned back to the original haunted version

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